11:21:45 <McManiaC> stepcut: does happstack support http-auth?
11:24:12 <McManiaC> nevermind
11:24:12 <McManiaC> :]
18:21:26 <mae> @stepcut hola
18:21:26 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
18:21:32 <mae> stepcut: hola
22:06:00 <stepcut> sometimes I wish Data.Acid re-exported ask, get, and put
22:06:27 <donri> *cough* data-lens :)
22:06:47 <stepcut> donri: I am doing the ixset chapter now. data-lens-ixset is next ;)
22:07:05 <donri> yea, please evaluate. i'm a noob.
22:07:11 <stepcut> :]
22:10:44 <donri> i also need to find a better way to deal with Maybe's from lenses
22:10:55 <donri> would be nice to be able to use lens composition but now i have to do fmap and stuff
22:10:55 <stepcut> yeah
22:14:31 <donri> perhaps a generically composable maybeLens is possible?
22:14:39 <stepcut> dunno
22:14:59 <stepcut> i am not yet familiar with data-lens.. I looked at it briefly once, but have not used it for anything
22:20:59 <donri> mapLens and ixLens use Maybe to model "key not set" or "delete value at key" and as a result they don't compose well with other lenses
22:22:04 <donri> ixLens (FirstName "Simon") %= fmap (lastName ^= LastName "Peyton-Jones") -- I want to write: lastName . ixLens (FirstName "Simon") %= LastName "Peyton-Jones"
22:22:55 <donri> perhaps a "maybeLens" in the middle there would make it possible
22:22:55 <stepcut> ah
22:23:08 <stepcut> this lens stuff looks useful ;)
22:24:41 <donri> it is!
22:24:54 <stepcut> :)
22:25:16 <stepcut> well, writing a tutorial about it will be a good way for me to learn it ;)
22:25:23 <donri> \o/
22:25:30 <donri> did you get my hpaste?
22:25:47 <donri> of the acid-state example ported to data-lens
22:25:52 <stepcut> yes.. but I probably lost it :)
22:26:11 <donri> http://hpaste.org/56499
22:27:11 <stepcut> this time I saved it in the tutorail directory :)
22:29:13 <donri> annoying as it is that you have to write a title for hpaste, that was totally helpful just now
22:29:24 <stepcut> :)
22:30:16 <stepcut> didn't used to be required
22:30:32 <stepcut> but there was a blog post I can't find which shows how much of an improvement making it required was
22:33:51 <donri> http://chrisdone.com/posts/2010-09-25-more-hpaste-goodies.html ?
22:36:52 <stepcut> yeh
22:37:22 <stepcut> hpaste used to be written in happstack+happstack-state
22:37:46 <stepcut> been rewritten several times though I believe
22:38:20 <stepcut> now it is probably in ASP + Access Database
22:38:42 <donri> haha no, it's snap, blaze and pqsql-simple
22:38:52 <stepcut> just as bad ;)
22:39:00 <donri> hehe
22:39:57 <donri> chrisdone's reviewing snap/yesod/happstack for his next project http://chrisdone.com/posts/2012-01-08-moogle.html http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Web/Comparison_of_Happstack%2C_Snap_and_Yesod
22:40:05 <stepcut> yup
22:40:24 <stepcut> I'm hoping to learn something useful from that
22:40:29 <donri> me too :)
22:41:16 <stepcut> I wish stackoverflow would do email notifications