22:01:36 <donri> stepcut: i was looking in the wrong tab xD
22:01:48 <stepkut> donri: :p
22:01:50 <donri> stepcut: anyway. i noticed you're using hscolour for the crashcource/lite. it's gpl just like pandoc.
22:01:58 <stepkut> yup
22:02:04 <donri> maybe we can whip something up with highlighter+sundown=
22:02:07 <donri> ?
22:02:22 <stepkut> maybe?
22:02:36 <stepkut> I need some sort of extensible markdown-like parser library that is BSD3
22:02:49 <donri> sundown is BSD3, duno about extensible
22:03:03 <donri> actually sundown is PD
22:03:29 <stepkut> I want to be able to add macro like stuff
22:04:21 <stepkut> like put {foo|id=1} in the markup, and then there is some plugin, 'foo' that sees that and replaces it with whatever a foo with id=1 is..
22:05:10 <donri> i guess it depends on if it enforces html to be escaped or not
22:05:19 <donri> if not, you can simply add a layer with some template engine
22:06:15 <donri> extLaxHtmlBlocks :: Bool
22:06:17 <donri>     Allow HTML markup inside of paragraphs, instead requireing tags to be on separate lines
22:06:19 <donri> looks potentially relevant
22:07:26 <donri> also http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/sundown/0.4/doc/html/Text-Sundown-Renderers-Html.html#t:HtmlRenderMode
22:07:38 <stepkut> looks promising
22:08:16 <stepkut> I would love to not depend on a perl script