01:12:10 <stepkut> Lemmih: I am curious what you think about the 'HasAcidState' class and also the 'withLocalState' function
02:09:56 <stepkut> oh right
02:10:16 <stepkut> as described here, http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/AcidState.html#acid-state-advanced
07:52:53 <Lemmih> stepcut: Seems to work fine for a particular style of code. Not a huge fan of that style, though. I might think differently if I actually did web development.
11:06:53 <donri> stepcut: * Missing C library: crypto++
11:06:58 <donri> stepcut: it's called cryptopp on fedora
11:07:02 <donri> what do
11:23:23 <donri> stepcut: also, kinda weird to have a negative flag in name; why not rename disable-https to https and use the falsehood syntax for disabling? (-f -https)
11:23:34 <donri> (and obviously inverse its meaning)
11:41:58 <donri> i've filed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=783965 against fedora
12:41:44 <donri> stepcut: successfully upgraded to ircbot 0.2.1 \o/
12:42:32 <donri> Joining room #...
12:42:34 <donri> ^^^ repeated three times
13:40:24 <donri> stepcut: why does BotConf include channels now that there's channelsPart?
14:58:57 <HugoDaniel> yay
14:59:02 <HugoDaniel> happstack with https support :D
14:59:07 <HugoDaniel> congrats
15:35:28 <donri> stepcut: http://groups.google.com/group/cryptopp-users/browse_thread/thread/3b316bcec601730e/2313449e8be8a932
15:39:54 <donri> stepcut: according to fedora and upstream crypto++, you should use "Extra-Libraries: cryptopp ssl"
15:40:11 <donri> it supposedly works on debian as well
16:34:48 <stepcut> ok
16:35:44 <stepcut> donri: it's just a list of channels to join by default
16:35:49 <stepcut> HugoDaniel: thanks!
16:36:06 <stepcut> donri: I'll look into the cryptopp thing
16:36:22 <stepcut> I think I copied those flags from HsOpenSSL
16:36:45 <stepcut> Lemmih: I'd be open to discussion other styles :)
16:38:38 <donri> stepcut: well hsopenssl does build, happstack-server-6.5.1 does not
16:39:09 <donri> stepcut: fails on hackage too
16:39:22 <donri> stepcut: perhaps default to disable-https and let people opt in rather than out?
16:39:37 <stepcut> donri: regarding disable_https.. there are #ifdefs in the code, and I wanted https enabled by default if the CPP flags were not set (which is often the case if you load the files into GHCi)
16:43:23 <donri> there's #ifndef
16:47:10 <stepkut> cryptopp seems to work on my machine. I just uploaded 6.5.2 to to hackage with that change (and renamed disable-https to https)
16:47:44 <donri> cool, will try (already verified that .1 worked for my app with disable-https)
16:50:54 <donri> stepkut: forgot to change the flag description ;)
16:51:10 <stepkut> oops
16:51:28 <stepkut> does it work ?
16:51:29 <donri> Loading package happstack-server-6.5.2 ... linking ... done.
16:51:31 <donri> \o/
16:51:49 <stepkut> I guess I'll upload a 6.5.3 with the description fixed
16:51:53 <stepkut> any other requests?
16:52:51 <donri> can't think of anything
16:54:08 <stepkut> k. uploaded a version with the fixed description.
16:54:12 <donri> hehe
16:54:20 <stepkut> now it is time to clean my apartment.
16:54:22 <donri> how do you even list those descriptions?
16:54:26 <donri> have fun ;)
16:54:32 <stepkut> cat *.cabal
16:54:35 <donri> haha yea
16:55:58 <stepkut> next on the todo list is to document how to use HSP
17:42:43 <Lemmih> stepcut: The code solves a problem which I do not have.
17:42:59 <Lemmih> You can solve it any way you like.
17:53:52 <donri> stepkut: minor annoyance: http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/
18:44:11 <donri> stepkut: http://hpaste.org/56901
19:23:31 <stepkut> donri: ah I will fix that when i redo the site.. if I remember
19:23:54 <stepkut> hpaste.org expired :-/
19:24:01 <stepkut> time to launch a competitor!
19:34:38 <donri> stepcut: they're only moving the domain
19:35:00 <donri> hpaste.org
19:35:02 <donri> ^^^ put this in /etc/hosts in the mean time
19:35:52 <donri> i suppose i should give you a different paste though
19:36:04 <donri> stepcut: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/539425/
20:18:16 <stepcut> ah
20:18:24 <stepcut> I can lower that bounds later today
20:18:32 <stepcut> don't have access to the dev box at the moment
20:19:54 <donri> i tried the previous version too which installed just fine but didn't actually work with my code - expected?
20:20:09 <donri>     Couldn't match expected type `ServerPart Response -> m0 a0'
20:20:11 <donri>                 with actual type `[String]'
20:20:13 <donri> stuff like this
20:24:11 <stepcut> the API changed quite a bit recently I think
20:25:05 <stepcut> the only difference between the last two versions of happstack-plugins though is the version info in the .cabal
20:25:18 <donri> yea i know, that's why i tried it :)
20:25:37 <donri> uhm, no i didn't know it was the *only* difference, sorry
20:27:35 <donri> put plugins on the todo for crashcourse? :)
20:27:44 <donri> if the blog post is outdated
20:30:16 <donri> ACTION reinstalls --with-documentation since they've failed to build on hackage
20:30:31 <donri> uh, --enable-documentation
20:31:31 <donri> aha i see
20:35:50 <stepcut> hmm. I should add happstack-plugins to the docs that get built on happstack.com
20:36:20 <stepcut> first thing I need to do is get plugins patched upstream for GHC 7.4
20:40:24 <donri> does withServerPart work for symbols in the same module?
20:43:33 <stepcut> I dunno.. does it ?
20:43:44 <stepcut> plugins is a bit of a black box to me still..
20:43:51 <donri> i think it might be working now, except it's not picking up on my HS-Source-Dirs: src
20:43:52 <stepcut> one of the reasons it needs to be better documented :)
20:43:56 <donri> Server error: Network/Kibr/: can't watch what isn't there: does not exist
20:44:01 <stepcut> yeah
20:44:11 <stepcut> it doesn't look at the .cabal file for sure
20:44:27 <donri> perhaps i can do something with pcGHCArgs
20:44:35 <stepcut> in the config stuff though you can add extra ghc args
20:44:56 <stepcut> the core plugins library needs a new maintainer
20:45:12 <stepcut> dons stopped maintaining it a while ago, and no one else has really picked up the ball yet
20:45:43 <stepcut> after this upcoming Happstack 7 release I am going to put out some other stuff that while hopefully inspire someone to fix it up :)
20:52:53 <donri> ok got it to work with "cd src" which of course broke everything else, only to discover that it still fails because it's not picking up on my ghc extensions listed in cabal. it'll probably fail to pick up dependencies too etc.
20:52:57 <donri> i give up :D
22:30:16 <donri> stepcut: https://github.com/dag/kibr/commit/b6af9f94ec1fcc637eb9597a82f3fb37fb785b13 :)
22:31:43 <donri> probably slower than plugins, but faster than manual :P