17:09:58 <st3pcut> is there someway to just download this as a .diff/.patch file, https://github.com/silkapp/happstack/commit/0d92982a781eb0fb4574fa842475e810b8aab616#diff-1
17:26:06 <donri> https://github.com/silkapp/happstack/commit/0d92982a781eb0fb4574fa842475e810b8aab616.patch
17:26:11 <donri> https://github.com/silkapp/happstack/commit/0d92982a781eb0fb4574fa842475e810b8aab616.diff
17:26:59 <donri> don't know about getting just the one file
17:33:05 <stepcut> is there a link to those .diff/.patch files that I am not seeing on the page ?
17:33:30 <donri> not that i know, secret black magic ;)
17:33:43 <donri> they blogged it i think
17:34:54 <stepcut> git seems to be all about secret black magic :p
17:34:57 <donri> https://github.com/blog/967-github-secrets
17:35:03 <donri> yea i agree it's silly to not link them
17:35:14 <stepcut> if I have a git log entry like this:
17:35:16 <stepcut> commit 3002387b1d9dc417307addfd2dbb376102764005
17:35:16 <stepcut> Author: Erik Hesselink <erik@typlab.com>
17:35:16 <stepcut> Date:   Sun Dec 18 20:24:21 2011 +0100
17:35:16 <stepcut>     Unicode decoding of request paths when requested as String.
17:35:26 <stepcut> what magic do I run to just get a .diff from that
17:35:38 <donri> git show 30002387
17:35:48 <donri> one less zero :P
17:36:18 <stepcut> git diff -p -raw commit 3002387b1d9dc417307addfd2dbb376102764005
17:36:19 <stepcut> Author: Erik Hesselink <erik@typlab.com>
17:36:19 <stepcut> ah, silly me. I tried to use git diff
17:40:04 <donri> git diff 300238 300238^1
17:40:30 <donri> diff is between points in the history or otherwise the working tree
17:41:07 <donri> ^1 is "one commit before this one"
17:42:19 <donri> --cached is useful too to review what you're about to commit if you've used git add
17:44:07 <donri> http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/GitForDarcsUsers#Commands