03:36:21 <stepkut> TLS support is now split out into happstack-server-tls in darcs..
03:58:05 <gienah> that's neat, the tls support in happstack-server compiles and links in the gentoo haskell overlay
03:59:26 <stepkut> gienah: the version that is on hackage? Or what is now in darcs?
04:01:16 <gienah> stepkut: the version in hackage, we have a darcs live ebuild but that would have to be tweaked to introduce the happstack-server-tls package
04:03:36 <stepkut> k
04:03:46 <stepkut> glad to hear it builds though!
04:04:00 <stepkut> building for happstack-server-tls should be just as smooth I hope
04:04:12 <stepkut> there aren't any new dependencies or anything funny
04:04:34 <stepkut> should be on hackage in a few days
04:06:15 <gienah> stepkut: great, thanks, will add an ebuild for it
04:07:52 <stepkut> nice