17:17:58 <tazjin> does anyone know why dir "plus" successfully guards for /plus but dir "+" doesn't work for /+ ?
17:18:31 <tazjin> (I'm trying to create a Google+ profile shortlink, i.e. domain/+ )
17:29:55 <donri> + is sometimes interpreted to mean %20
17:29:59 <donri> try dir " " :P
17:31:52 <tazjin> Hmm, that works - but it seems a bit weird :p
17:32:20 <donri> perhaps you can do a custom guardsRq
17:37:15 <donri> but it might be the browser doing the translation, duno
19:33:04 <donri> stepkut: add acid-state or replace happstack-state with it? http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Web/Databases_and_Persistence
19:33:27 <stepkut> ACTION looks
19:33:53 <donri> it was suggested on haskell-cafe
19:34:43 <stepkut> page does not seem to be loading for me
19:34:51 <donri> fuck it, i'll add acid-state and then we can remove happstack-state should we feel like it
19:35:38 <stepkut> with out seeing the page.. I would probably replace it with acid-state and mention that it is the successor to the deprecrated happstack-state library
19:36:19 <stepkut> there is absolutely no reason to *start* using happstack-state these days
19:41:43 <donri> added http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Web/Databases_and_Persistence#acid-state
19:42:36 <stepkut> cool
19:44:21 <donri> i'm leaving happstack-state in for now since i didn't write a whole lot about acid-state but mentioned it as a successor
20:27:02 <tazjin> What is the best way to validate form input? (i.e. check if all required fields were filled out etc.)
20:27:29 <donri> maybe digestive-functors
20:31:11 <tazjin> That looks interesting, ty
20:42:21 <donri> lpeterse: been meaning to talk to you but i'm a little tipsy at the moment :P
20:43:08 <donri> lpeterse: are the enum and bounded instances for indices necessary in higgsset or do you think there's a more elegant way to achieve what they're used for?
20:43:14 <donri> seems a little hacky to me, unless i'm misunderstanding
22:08:59 <tazjin> So what is the completely obvious Haskell feature that I (as a newbie) missed when writing this function: http://pastebin.com/Pzyai4T3 ? :]
22:13:01 <stepcut> tazjin: what, in particular, is giving you trouble?
22:13:39 <stepcut> tazjin: you just don't like having to create all the intermediate names like ana ?
22:13:44 <tazjin> Yep
22:14:04 <tazjin> You type faster than I do :D
22:14:26 <stepcut> rArt <- Article <$> look "artname" <*> lookRead "artnum"
22:14:55 <stepcut> you should not use 'read' to read Integer values because it can be used in a DoS attack
22:15:13 <stepcut> read "1e1000000000" :: Int, will try to actually make an integer that big
22:15:28 <stepcut> the <$> and <*>  stuff is comes from Control.Applicative
22:15:51 <tazjin> Ah, I wanted to look into the whole applicative functors thing but didn't get around to that yet. Thanks!
22:16:41 <donri> needs moar hpaste.org
22:16:44 <stepcut> you could also do, rArt <- fmap Article $ look "artname" `ap` lookRead "artnum", i think
22:19:39 <stepcut> but, using Applicatives is more better
22:20:06 <donri> double plus good, in fact
22:24:36 <tazjin> It seems to work, thanks again! :D
22:25:16 <stepcut> sweet!