00:10:44 <alpounet> stepcut, ok, because of you, i often happen to name the kind of "modules" in my apps "FooPart" now
00:13:54 <stepkut> :-/
00:14:08 <stepkut> I'll fix that in Happstack 8 :P
00:19:33 <alpounet> haha
00:19:49 <alpounet> all the pieces of code i've seen from you use that naming pattern
00:19:58 <alpounet> so i just got trapped in that
00:22:49 <stepkut> :)
11:30:21 <Lemmih> srhb: What kind of work did you do before school?
11:30:56 <srhb> Lemmih: Well, it's been a few years, but I was mostly engaged in web development in PHP before I started attending university.
11:31:06 <srhb> Lemmih: Which is also a few years ago, having almost majored in physics.
11:31:16 <Lemmih> srhb: I'll most definitely sign up. Finally gonna be a student instead of a mentor.
11:31:22 <srhb> Lemmih: Cool!
11:31:36 <Lemmih> Yeah, I'm quite excited. (:
11:31:48 <srhb> I feel so rusty. Like I can deal with small projects but I lose my bearings when it gets larger. I didn't use to have that problem. But I suppose it's like training a muscle.
11:31:57 <Lemmih> Knowing all the other mentors will hopefully help me get a spot. :D
11:32:06 <srhb> Nepotism for the win. ;)
11:32:41 <Lemmih> How did you get from PHP to Haskell?
11:33:26 <srhb> Lemmih: I didn't even know about functional programming until a friend of mine started CompSci a few years ago. I helped him with the introductory programming course in SML and taught myself to be able to help him. Then I got kind of bitten by the paradigm, but ran into not being able to actually _do_ much with SML
11:33:27 <srhb> Enter Haskell.
11:33:28 <Lemmih> I was pretty much browbeaten into Haskell from most C.
11:33:34 <srhb> Haha.
11:33:46 <srhb> But as I said I am fairly new to Haskell.
11:34:40 <srhb> PHP was my entry point, then I was forced to do a lot of Java work which ultimately made me quit the business, I think.
11:35:07 <Lemmih> Oh dear, what horror.
11:35:09 <srhb> Then I did some sysadmin work afterwards, and then back to high school, then uni.
11:35:10 <srhb> Indeed.
11:37:49 <Lemmih> I hung out with Smerdyakov for a while. He tends to be fairly mean and has been permabanned from #haskell but I owe him a lot. He kept telling me how horrible my code was until I checked out ocaml and Haskell just to shut him up.
11:38:23 <srhb> Haha! That's one way to get into it!
11:38:44 <srhb> But you also seem to be in the very top tier among the students in general - perhaps as a product of that? :)
11:38:54 <srhb> Judging from your work, I mean.
11:39:47 <Lemmih> I'm older than everyone else. /-:
11:39:54 <srhb> Lemmih: No you're not. ;)
11:40:02 <srhb> I think you're younger than me as well.
11:40:52 <Lemmih> How old do you think I am?
11:41:02 <srhb> Lemmih: 23?
11:41:18 <Lemmih> I wish. (:
11:41:32 <srhb> Well at least you look it - don't complain. ;)
11:43:29 <srhb> Does it bother you, anyway? I know I don't feel in touch with most of the students.
11:44:30 <Lemmih> Not really. Haven't done much socializing, though.
11:44:43 <srhb> I suppose that solves that problem. :)
11:46:46 <Lemmih> It does take away some of the pleasure in doing well. Feels like I'm obligated to get good grades.
11:47:14 <srhb> I suppose. Kind of a privileged problem, however. :-)
11:48:05 <srhb> Lemmih: I'd be more worried about boredom, really. At least until you get to the more advanced courses.
11:49:14 <Lemmih> Yeah. I'm taking Chinese classes at CBS and applying for permission to take more than two classes per block.
11:49:34 <srhb> Lemmih: Good idea! Why Chinese?
11:49:51 <Lemmih> Because of Firefly, actually. (:
11:50:02 <srhb> Lemmih: Oh dear, I miss that series..
11:50:33 <Lemmih> If the universe turns out that way, by God I'll be ready!
11:50:57 <srhb> Lemmih: The robots will be coming way before that happens. :-)
11:51:25 <srhb> And I know this, because I'm like really smart. ~_~
11:52:13 <Lemmih> Perhaps you've got a hat of +1 Post Singularity Vision.
11:52:31 <srhb> Sure, it's a reward from Quantum Physics 101.
11:52:33 <srhb> ;)
11:54:35 <Lemmih> I often feel silly explaining it to people but most of what I do is in preparation to some unknown and radically different future.
11:55:08 <srhb> We might disagree on what that future might be, but I'm totally with you. And I think anything less is unambitious.
11:55:53 <Lemmih> How do you envision the future?
11:55:55 <srhb> I wasn't completely kidding with the robots. Not that I'm thinking singularity per se, but more like: What will happen if a robot can do any manual job at a cost less of what a chinese or indian sweatshop worker can starve for, etc.
11:56:01 <srhb> That's going to be one very interesting day.
11:56:15 <srhb> And I don't think that's unrealistic in any way.
11:56:59 <Lemmih> I had a very interesting chat with some people in Zurich about exactly that. Funny thing is that I hadn't considered that possibility at all before then.
11:57:23 <srhb> Aha. :) Well, it's interesting to think about. But also a bit scary. And exciting. etc. :P
11:57:54 <Lemmih> They painted a picture of a slightly dystopian future where the marginal productivity of large groups of people was pushed down below the level they need to sustain themselves.
11:58:07 <srhb> Indeed.
11:58:12 <srhb> That's what I'm thinking about.
11:59:14 <Lemmih> I had always thought of the future as universally better.
11:59:26 <srhb> That's.. Bold. :-)
11:59:55 <Lemmih> Hah, how very diplomatic of you. (:
12:00:14 <srhb> Remember, I have all this Haskell help to lose. ;)
12:00:33 <Lemmih> *snicker*
12:02:23 <Lemmih> What do you think you'll do after graduation?
12:02:45 <srhb> Lemmih: I hope to apply computer science and physics to biological problems. It's sort of a vague dream, but it's something that really interests me.
12:03:25 <srhb> In the very, very long and probably unattainable run: It would be very cool if we could specify what we want a protein to do and have a system actually design it for us.
12:03:38 <srhb> Things like that.
12:03:49 <Lemmih> How peculiar. You are like the mirror image of me.
12:03:57 <srhb> As in opposite? :P
12:05:52 <Lemmih> I'm using my undergrad time as a bit of a time-out to figure out exactly what to do. But bioinformatics is high list of possible paths.
12:06:38 <srhb> Lemmih: Nice! These kind of things can make me go absolutely nuts with eagerness. :-) It's just so interesting. I also have a weak spot for transhumanism etc.
12:07:22 <srhb> But I have to dash for a while, have a nice afternoon!
12:07:34 <Lemmih> Bye.
16:34:29 <jaspervdj> stepcut: ping
16:51:43 <jaspervdj> stepcut: nvm, I mailed you