03:18:29 <stepcut> alpounet: yes! they look good!
03:20:09 <stepcut> alpounet: tonight I am going to see if I can makes a Pipes interface to runInteractiveProcess (or some variant)
06:31:18 <stepkut> alpounet: I pushed a patch.. but the code is broken.. there is a potential deadlock. But it is past my bedtime now :)
18:15:38 <alpounet> stepcut, ok, nice! i pushed a minor fix today
18:15:51 <alpounet> i'm leaving for London tomorrow, will be back and able to work on scoutess on sunday
19:18:10 <stepcut> alpounet: have fun!
19:19:06 <alpounet> oh, don't worry, i will :p
19:19:12 <stepcut> haha
19:19:46 <stepcut> hopefully I'll have Control.Pipe.Process working by Sunday
19:20:44 <alpounet> next thing i'll work on I think is the code that'll fetch package archives from hackage, for a given package name and version
19:20:53 <stepcut> cool
19:22:01 <alpounet> this project is gonna be quite fun
19:22:06 <stepcut> yes!