03:49:00 <donri> so i can either color hsp attributes as haskell, or hsp block content as strings, but can't figure out how to do both. really tricky stuff. :(
04:11:53 <stepcut> in vim ?
04:30:49 <donri> yea
04:32:11 <donri> do you have any hsp support in emacs or do you simply not bother?
04:33:17 <stepcut> i don't bother
04:33:37 <stepcut> got too many other things to worry about
04:33:47 <donri> i'm a little obsessed about pretty syntax coloring :)
04:33:57 <stepcut> HsColour could use HSP support as well :p
04:34:02 <donri> yea
04:34:08 <stepcut> what do you think of the new syntax coloring, http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/HelloWorld.html#how_it_works
04:34:49 <donri> oh, hadn't noticed! had to force refresh
04:35:12 <donri> totally not mimicing snap amarite
04:35:42 <stepcut> :)
04:36:03 <stepcut> there are only so many ways to show source listings :p
04:36:25 <stepcut> and people requested rounded corners and less vibrant colors
04:36:36 <stepcut> the shadows are a bonus!
04:37:05 <donri> text font renders bad here
04:37:12 <donri> and i don't like the snappy code block bg
04:37:16 <donri> but otherwise looks nice
04:37:37 <stepcut> any idea why the fonts are bad ?
04:37:40 <stepcut> what platform/browser?
04:37:52 <donri> probably because i have full hinting set up
04:38:04 <donri> some fonts are badly hinted
04:38:24 <stepcut> ah
04:38:34 <stepcut> looks great on default OS X :)
04:38:51 <donri> i'd either use a quality font like Ubuntu from google webfonts, or simply "sans" and let the user get their preferred
04:39:19 <stepcut> which font is broken? The one in the code blocks?
04:39:28 <donri> no, text
04:39:44 <donri> http://i.imgur.com/fmVwv.png
04:39:48 <stepcut> ah.. it's palintino from google web-fonts
04:39:55 <donri> see how the weight is all messed up?
04:40:09 <stepcut> yeah
04:40:20 <stepcut> one moment
04:40:50 <stepcut> oops, it Puritan
04:41:21 <stepcut> is it any better now ?
04:42:42 <donri> yea
04:43:01 <donri> for reference here's how i've done code blocks based on my preferences http://i.imgur.com/UFJsC.png
04:43:04 <stepcut> I switched to Gudea.. which looks almost the same
04:43:12 <donri> i like things simple and flat like that ^_^
04:43:21 <stepcut> :)
04:43:50 <stepcut> one the new site is live, maybe we can have per-user syntax highlighting preferences (aka, a custom .css file for HsColour)
04:44:35 <donri> seriously though the sunflare bg thingy fools my mind into thinking i'm going to be blinded and especially makes the white text difficult to read
04:44:43 <stepcut> hmm
04:44:49 <stepcut> let me look on another computer
04:45:07 <donri> i might be overthinking it but that's how i feel at a glance ^_^
04:46:51 <stepcut> oh. it is far to bright on poorly calibrated monitors
04:46:54 <stepcut> (such as my laptop)
04:47:00 <donri> maybe better to have the flare in the right instead of the left?
04:47:07 <donri> so it's less likely to run under text
04:47:25 <donri> also not sure how the flare and shadow play together if you want it to feel realistic
04:48:18 <donri> if i enable DCR on my monitor it looks much better
04:48:24 <stepcut> the bottom and right sides should really fade to black in case the box is bigger than the image..
04:48:30 <donri> still kinda blinding though
04:49:20 <stepkut> I toned it down some
04:49:32 <stepkut> though perhaps it needs even a touch less
04:53:35 <stepkut> ok, try that
04:54:09 <stepkut> it is supposed to be barely noticable.. but monitor calibration varies so widely that it will be completely unnoticable on some machines and glaringly bright on others :-/
04:54:39 <donri> which is why i like to keep it simple like in my picture :)
04:54:41 <stepkut> I'd send you a screenshot, but...
04:55:45 <donri> haha
04:57:26 <stepkut> anyway, I think it is good enough for now
04:57:50 <stepkut> the headers (<h1>, etc) need to be updated, but that will happen later
05:02:37 <stepkut> off to bed now!
05:02:39 <stepkut> ACTION sleeps