00:05:28 <stepkut> ah.. I think the dropoff is related to the incoming request rate exceeding the response rate, and then httperf hits the ulimit (or the server does, or both)
01:08:17 <donri> a scary prospect, that i'm becoming quite familiar with vimscript
02:13:54 <HugoDaniel> what is vimscript ?
02:14:22 <HugoDaniel> oh i see
02:14:27 <HugoDaniel> scripting language for vim
02:14:28 <HugoDaniel> cool
02:14:29 <HugoDaniel> :D
12:45:49 <KorriX> hello
12:46:29 <KorriX> with web-routes combinator should I use when need to serve directory ?
12:47:03 <KorriX> i have 	<> "static"    . rStatic
12:47:55 <KorriX> and i want to check all the url
12:48:12 <KorriX> like /static/css/style.css
20:40:45 <alpounet> stepcut, ok, every day, and sometimes even twice a day, i see people having problems for which scoutess would help
20:41:51 <stepcut> alpounet: yup
20:42:25 <stepcut> alpounet: I had to to a little break to try to fix ssl support, but once Happstack 7 is out scoutess be one of the top priorities
20:43:18 <alpounet> well i have an exam wednesday so i'm kind of cutting by half the time i spend on scoutess
20:43:30 <stepcut> heh
20:43:30 <alpounet> and i have to dive into cabal-install's code for that "get latest version" thing
20:43:36 <stepcut> yeah
20:43:55 <stepcut> I have some more ideas I need to get into code for the build stuff
20:44:29 <alpounet> what are they?
20:45:07 <stepcut> mostly just flushing out the buildSources function a bit more
20:46:15 <alpounet> ok
20:47:03 <alpounet> http://groups.google.com/group/yesodweb/browse_thread/thread/e1b6a9e867933b59?pli=1
20:47:11 <alpounet> they could very well use scoutess :p
20:48:42 <stepcut> :p
22:07:34 <alpounet> ACTION darcs getting cabal-install
22:24:29 <alpounet> okay this is gonna drive me crazy
22:24:59 <stepcut> what ?
22:25:16 <alpounet> i've been going from modules to modules for 5 minutes now
22:25:26 <alpounet> :D
22:25:33 <stepcut> heh
22:26:52 <alpounet> i may decide to do it "my way"
22:26:56 <alpounet> in a hacky way for now
22:32:30 <stepcut> heh
22:39:07 <alpounet> either from the HTML at e.g http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/AC-Angle/ or via the hackage package index
22:41:01 <stepcut> the hackage package index seems good.. since the HTML format could change.. or directly listings could be disabled ?
22:41:13 <alpounet> yeah
22:44:36 <alpounet> i'll just write a bunch of utility functions to inspect a package index
22:44:40 <alpounet> it'll be fine
22:44:43 <stepcut> k
22:45:05 <stepcut> so the Source service gets the (unpacked) source code
22:45:28 <alpounet> that's what you told me yeah
22:45:49 <stepcut> and then CabalProxy (which I just renamed to LocalHackage) is used to take the sdist generated .tar.gz files and make a 00-index.tar and archive.
22:45:57 <alpounet> and that's more consistent with the fact that Sources can be fetched via Darcs, Git, etc
22:46:19 <stepcut> but we still need to figure out how to generate the .tar.gz files (using cabal sdist) and get them to the LocalHackage service ?
22:46:47 <stepcut> I pushed a patch to the Builder that adds a bit more detail
22:47:03 <stepcut> but the 'HackageDB' type in there contains a bit of fudging at the moment
22:47:12 <alpounet> what do you mean figure out a way to generate the .tar.gz files and get them to the LocalHackage service?
22:48:00 <stepcut> well.. SourceInfo tells us where to find the unpacked source. But we need a function like, addPackage :: SourceInfo -> HackageDB -> IO ()
22:48:03 <stepcut> ?
22:48:17 <alpounet> yeah
22:48:40 <alpounet> well, cabal sdist, precisely? :p
22:48:45 <stepcut> yes
22:49:09 <alpounet> but through what do we call it, you mean?
22:49:31 <stepcut> but that leaves is the .tar.gz in 'source-location/dist/package-version.tar.gz'
22:49:46 <stepcut> we need to some how get those tarballs to wherever LocalHackage needs them?
22:50:11 <alpounet> so we kind of need a LocalHackage dir?
22:50:22 <stepcut> I think so ?
22:51:11 <stepcut> ultimately cabal-install is going to look for the package in some directory like http://localhost:8000/packages/archive/package/version/package-version.tar.gz ?
22:51:13 <stepcut> right ?
22:51:36 <alpounet> well
22:51:39 <stepcut> so we need to collect all the tar.gz files, create the archive structure, and then update the 00-index.tar?
22:51:42 <alpounet> that's the structure i'm gonna keep
22:52:04 <alpounet> well, at least that's the structure of the index
22:53:25 <stepcut> I'd like to try to get the LocalHackage service working soon I think
22:53:38 <alpounet> well
22:53:46 <alpounet> we already have the code to generate it from .tar.gz files
22:53:55 <alpounet> i'm gonna write right now a few functions to inspect a package index
22:54:49 <stepcut> the generateIndex function ?
22:54:57 <alpounet> yeah
22:55:01 <alpounet> oh btw
22:55:06 <alpounet> i refactored a bit
22:55:09 <alpounet> created a Utils folder
22:55:14 <alpounet> with Tar and HTTP modules in it
22:55:24 <stepcut> k
22:55:51 <stepcut> why does generateIndex extract the entire tarball ?
22:56:17 <alpounet> no it extracts the .tar.gz files of the packages you provide the function with
22:56:37 <stepcut> right. but doesn't it only need the .cabal file ?
22:57:39 <alpounet> yes
22:58:17 <alpounet> and the structure as described on the hackage trac
22:58:17 <stepcut> well, we can optimize that later :)
22:58:39 <alpounet> actually, we can kind of keep a structure indentical to what's on hackage
22:58:39 <stepcut> so, we have a function that generates the index
22:58:52 <alpounet> like having the .tar.gz and the .cabal files sitting next to each other
22:59:25 <stepcut> do we have control over that? I thought cabal-install expected to find things in specific places ?
22:59:27 <alpounet> and then i could just rewrite generateIndex from that
22:59:44 <stepcut> oh
23:00:12 <alpounet> oh and actually we wouldn't need the .tar.gz files
23:00:16 <stepcut> ?
23:00:27 <alpounet> we only need them the first time we encounter a dependency
23:00:32 <stepcut> doesn't cabal-install need them ?
23:00:50 <alpounet> oh yeah right, sorry
23:01:13 <alpounet> i'm too much influenced by the source fetching part :p
23:01:16 <stepcut> :)
23:01:51 <stepcut> if we get source fetching and the LocalHackage working.. then we have enough to run a HackageDB that you can cabal-install the latest source from
23:02:04 <stepcut> that seems like a good milestone
23:02:19 <stepcut> because it is useful even without a builder
23:02:25 <alpounet> that's already pretty good
23:02:30 <alpounet> ok
23:02:32 <stepcut> and is pretty small in scope
23:02:57 <alpounet> i'll just go grab a few stuffs and i'm gonna write the distant package index inspection thing
23:03:04 <stepcut> sounds good
23:03:07 <stepcut> I am going to a birthday party
23:03:12 <stepcut> so I won't be back until tomorrow
23:03:20 <alpounet> ok
23:03:43 <alpounet> enjoy, then :)
23:05:22 <stepcut> thanks!
23:57:35 <alpounet> stepcut, i think HackageDB shouldn't be defined in Build/
23:57:43 <alpounet> that pretty much belongs to LocalHackage I think