02:00:14 <alpounet> dcoutts, ok so it seems you used the exact representation i wanted to use for the local repo thing
02:00:53 <alpounet> in cabal-install LocalRepo is just a kind of tag, and you carry around a local dir with it
02:18:59 <stepcut> adyxax: http://code.google.com/p/happstack/wiki/AcidState05to06
02:19:29 <stepcut> adyxax: does that help?
04:41:41 <stepkut> alpounet: I am going to try to get the haddock builder working this week.. need it for the upcoming Happstack 7 release, even if it only works for building from hackage.haskell.org for now
05:26:30 <donri> stepkut: re happstack7 testing, -server is still failing to build on 7.4 on hackage
05:27:06 <stepcut> need to finish scoutess so that I get notification that it is failing
05:29:19 <stepcut> looks like poff should be (fromIntegral poff) I guess
05:31:20 <stepcut> it used to work though.. I wonder what changed
05:32:12 <stepcut> the sendfile library itself seems to have built fine, http://hackage.haskell.org/package/sendfile-0.7.4
05:33:31 <donri> yea; could it be another dependency that's broken since?
05:33:41 <donri> hackage only builds on upload
05:38:19 <stepcut> right
05:38:37 <stepcut> so.. something changed after Jan when it built, but before Feb when happstack-server stopped building
05:38:50 <stepcut> oddlyÂ… the error does not make sense either
05:38:58 <stepcut> we call sendfile64.. so the off_t should be 64-bits
05:39:44 <stepcut> this C stuff is too weird for me
05:39:57 <stepcut> off_t, long long int, crazy crazy talk
07:04:50 <adyxax> stepcut: many thanks, in spite of googling my error messages I never got my hands on that migration article
07:08:32 <donri> wiki might be integrated in the upcoming website rewrite, that might help?
07:09:50 <adyxax> not sure
07:10:43 <adyxax> it's just that it didn't show up when googling the error message (Failed reading: safecopy: Data.ByteString.Lazy.Internal.ByteString: Cannot find getter associated with this
07:10:46 <adyxax>  version number: Version {unVersion = 4703})
07:12:02 <adyxax> google just brought me to this channel's archives, the only place this error had been referenced
07:12:48 <adyxax> anyway thanks for all the work on HappStack, this piece of software really rocks
08:40:49 <alpounet> stepcut, *haddock* builder?
19:14:54 <stepkut> alpounet: as in the thing that builds the haddock documentation ..
20:18:08 <alpounet> ok, i misread, i was pretty tired... i thought you wrote "hackage"
20:35:57 <stepcut> :)