11:41:13 <siracusa> Hi! Are there any nice packages for easing the creation of HTML forms to insert/modify/delete the content of a database which can be used on top of happstack? I haven't used happstack for some time, so I'm not up to date what packages are hip today :-)
15:05:58 <stepcut> siracusa: digestive functors ?
15:07:46 <stepcut> siracusa: there is the old digestive functors 0.2, and a radically different digestive functors 0.3.. which should be released any day now (but you can get it from git)
15:08:47 <siracusa> Hi stepcut! Hhm, could be what I'm loking for
15:08:53 <siracusa> *looking
15:09:26 <stepcut> https://github.com/jaspervdj/digestive-functors/blob/0.3/examples/tutorial.lhs
15:09:37 <stepcut> that is a short tutorial on digestive functors 0.3
15:09:54 <stepcut> plus happstack and blaze
15:12:19 <siracusa> Thanks, I'll have a look at it
15:32:57 <siracusa> stepcut: Is the lastest version working for you? I get this http://hpaste.org/65246
15:41:38 <stepcut> let me check
15:43:20 <stepcut> siracusa: works for me. I am using GHC 7.4
15:43:37 <stepcut> what GHC version are you using?
15:43:45 <siracusa> 6.12.1
15:44:22 <stepcut> kickin' it old school!
15:44:27 <siracusa> the 0.2 version works, btw
15:44:31 <stepcut> yeah
15:45:53 <stepcut> did you try adding a type signature for the entire expression ?
15:46:17 <tazjin> siracusa: Wow, 6.*? Package provided by your *nix distribution or other reasons?
15:46:18 <stepcut> jaspervdj: looks like digestive-functors 0.3 does not build with GHC 6.12.. but it might not be too hard to fix
15:46:49 <stepcut> yeah.. there have been two major release of GHC since 6.12 (7.0 and 7.4)
15:46:51 <siracusa> tazjin: I just haven't updated for a while :-)
15:47:23 <siracusa> Let me try to add the signature ...
15:54:49 <jaspervdj> stepcut: Hmm, shouldn't be too hard I think
15:55:05 <jaspervdj> I'll have a look at it later
15:57:28 <siracusa> Hmm, I don't really understand the problem, so I put this off until it's fixed or I have the time to reinstall my GHC and packages
16:54:34 <donri> stepcut: looking for a job? :D http://jobs.perl.org/job/11650
16:56:59 <donri> interesting website too http://holophrasticenterprises.com/
16:57:21 <donri> logo is two images and look at that lovely source code for that whole page!
16:58:06 <donri> s/two/i lost count/
17:00:25 <KorriX> hello
17:02:47 <donri> ohai
17:06:38 <siracusa> donri: Re your latter link -- is that the complete site?
17:07:58 <siracusa> I mean looking at the code I would expect to see some more on it O.o
17:12:44 <donri> would you really?
17:12:47 <donri> considering their ad? :P
17:19:23 <siracusa> Well, there's so much JS code in it
17:33:12 <KorriX> is there any mothod to join lambdabot to another channel ?
17:33:24 <KorriX> *method
17:37:58 <siracusa> KorriX: Not without the proper privileges. You could ask Cale in #haskell if he does that for you
17:44:07 <KorriX> thx
17:56:11 <stepcut> ACTION needs to get #happs added to the hpaste.org bot
18:04:39 <donri> +1
18:04:48 <donri> want me to email chris?
18:15:39 <tazjin> I just tried to use Apache Benchmark on my Happstack server and got tons of: HTTP request failed with: send: resource vanished (Broken pipe)
18:15:47 <tazjin> and ab failed with error code  54, any ideas what this is?
18:17:20 <tazjin> Oh, nevermind. It's an Apache bug
18:41:28 <stepcut> donri: sure!
18:41:41 <stepcut> tazjin: :)
19:26:27 <hpaste> donri: HAS
19:44:32 <donri> stepcut: \o/
19:57:22 <hpaste> chrisdone annotated “testing” with “testing (annotation)” at http://hpaste.org/65252#a65253
20:15:40 <stepcut> \o/
20:25:56 <tazjin> Can old acid-state checkpoints safely be deleted?
20:31:06 <donri> tazjin: you can create archives with some function and delete those
20:31:49 <donri> https://github.com/dag/kibr/blob/master/src/Main.hs#L58
20:34:05 <tazjin> I see, thanks
23:26:53 <tazjin> Any ideas why this always falls through to the last handler, no matter the URL? http://hpaste.org/65259