00:00:23 <donri> keep seeing "chalmers" all over haskelland
00:01:43 <stepcut> :)
00:01:54 <stepcut> you should study at happstack.edu
00:02:12 <stepcut> alas, we are not acreditted, so we can't get the .edu address yet
00:04:18 <donri> aww ;)
00:13:19 <donri> i think i read somewhere that shakespeare templates from files use new apis in ghc 7.4 to check if a resource has changed to trigger recompiles
00:13:26 <donri> maybe that's handled by file-embed then?
00:15:09 <donri> doesn't look like it though unless i'm missing it
00:17:02 <donri> not quite as important for supposedly static resources, but still would be nice if that worked correctly ...
01:08:50 <donri> haha brent spiner voicing robots in simpsons
01:09:25 <stepcut> heh
01:09:37 <stepcut> his picard impression is amazing
01:15:51 <donri> haven't seen
01:20:40 <stepcut> fun starts around 3:30, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPCPIrHOeDc
01:24:26 <stepcut> also, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQcammV9G1Y
01:25:33 <donri> oh it's from an episode, then i've seen it
01:25:38 <donri> but watching again :)
01:26:41 <donri> it's when daddy makes a call right
01:27:30 <donri> you realize that's a voice over right
01:28:40 <donri> well, not second one :)
01:33:28 <donri> ...which makes me uncertain about the first one. mhm.
01:42:32 <stepcut> I don't have any concrete evidence regarding the first one.. but after hearing the second, and then listening to the first and comparing it to when picard is definitely speaking..
02:19:39 <donri> bedtime
10:12:16 <donri> stepcut: wai uses the vault package as an extension point to request records. perhaps that's another benefit of a typeclass based approach? you could have your own request record, fully statically typed, if you just implement the relevant class.
10:40:34 <donri> there's a happstack question on web-devel
19:16:05 <stepcut> donri: first I have to get happstack-plugins building/working correctly on GHC 7.4.1 :-/
20:36:40 <donri> and cabal-dev please! :)
20:37:10 <donri> actually cabal in general? seems to ignore hs-source-dirs and extensions and ghc-options etc
20:37:33 <donri> buuuut i realize you have a workload :)
20:38:03 <dcoutts> ACTION doesn't know what donri is referring to with cabal ignoring things
20:38:32 <donri> not cabal
20:38:34 <donri> it's plugins ignoring cabal
20:38:38 <donri> @hackage plugins
20:38:38 <lambdabot> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/plugins
20:38:41 <dcoutts> ahh
20:38:44 <donri> and by extension happstack-plugins
20:38:59 <donri> ACTION suddenly realizes dcoutts highlights on "cabal"
20:39:05 <donri> the bat signal
20:39:08 <dcoutts> ;-)
20:39:20 <donri> :)
21:25:42 <Lemmih> Woot, adding rollback functions was easier than I had feared.
21:27:46 <Lemmih> I might actually make replication work...
21:31:20 <donri> cool!
21:34:03 <Lemmih> I really like the algorithm I have for restarting a cluster. It was giving so much trouble before but now it seems obviously correct.
21:35:29 <Lemmih> Coordinating from which event number the cluster should be restarted was quite difficult given the optimistic serialization and the inherent communication limitations.
21:40:31 <stepcut> epic!
21:43:53 <Lemmih> I'm quite sure I can nail down partitioning and the RAM limitation as well.
21:44:05 <stepcut> ooo
21:44:12 <stepcut> nice!
21:44:44 <Lemmih> If I solve all three this week, you'll owe me a cookie.
21:44:47 <Lemmih> Deal?
21:49:48 <stepcut> sure!
21:50:17 <stepcut> any special requirements? Gluten free? Vegan? Extra bacon?
21:53:59 <donri> cryptographically signed?
22:40:57 <donri> stepcut: is there a sensible way to have web-routes generate an external URL for a route? say you're bundling jquery but want to easily swap it for a CDN
22:41:51 <donri> i suppose you can replace the Site.formatPathSegments with one that pattern matches on url...
22:44:02 <donri> ...although that'll still prefix with your app root right
22:51:57 <stepcut> donri: probably no great way at the moment.. but that problem is similar to the issue of dealing with http vs https, and similar to some issues relating to optional plugins
22:52:09 <stepcut> so I hope to look at some improvements in that area soon
22:53:05 <donri> i've seen URLs like ://bla, maybe that means "use current scheme"
22:53:15 <donri> or it was a bug
22:53:39 <stepcut> http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=179
22:54:18 <donri> :)
22:55:15 <donri> though then again you might still want to enforce https for some routes like login
22:55:22 <stepcut> yes
22:55:42 <donri> i suppose one way to do that is a redirect
22:56:05 <donri> but better link the right one up front
23:23:33 <alpounet> alright, back to real life now.
23:23:36 <alpounet> what's up here? :P
23:24:29 <stepcut> alpounet: awesome stuff!
23:24:49 <alpounet> that is?
23:26:29 <donri> i'll tell you this much: it involves cookies.
23:26:37 <stepcut> alpounet: delicious cookies!
23:27:02 <stepcut> I fixed plugins to work with GHC 7.4.1 today.. but getting dons to apply the patch is a whole nother matter
23:27:49 <alpounet> yeah he apparently is pretty busy these days
23:28:53 <stepcut> but Lemmih probably did the most exciting work today :p
23:33:22 <alpounet> hah yeah just saw that
23:33:26 <alpounet> that's cool!
23:54:03 <tazjin> Happstack supports gzip compression, right? Is there a short explanation of how it works somewhere?
23:57:37 <stepcut> yes
23:57:39 <stepcut> one moment
23:57:52 <stepcut> http://happstack.com/docs/6.0.0/happstack-server/Happstack-Server-Compression.html
23:57:59 <stepcut> not much of a tutorial.. but not much is needed :)
23:58:38 <stepcut> basically just call, compressedResponseFilter, and it adds a filter that compresses the response
23:59:06 <stepcut> if you do it at the top-level, then everything should be compressed (except files sent via sendfile)
23:59:31 <tazjin> Okay, nice
23:59:35 <tazjin> thanks :]
23:59:57 <stepcut> no problem!