00:52:04 <donri> stepcut: there, prodding produced (see hsp ml)
00:53:31 <donri> stupid wysiwyg, totally messed up the formatting there.
03:23:29 <donri> heh, "HSP pages"; nice RAS
03:23:35 <donri> bedtime
08:09:22 <Lemmih> stepcut: Good news and bad news.
08:09:50 <Lemmih> stepcut: I've been offered a full-time position so I won't be participating in GSoC.
08:26:39 <Lemmih> I'll still work on replication in my spare time but it may take longer.
10:15:53 <Entroacceptor> Lemmih: that's not an option, sorry.
12:03:48 <Lemmih> Entroacceptor: Oh, okay. I'll let them know I can't take the job, then.
12:06:11 <Entroacceptor> Very good.
12:06:55 <Entroacceptor> We can't have the need to eat ruin our acid-state.
12:13:50 <Lemmih> No, you're right, we wouldn't want that. I'm sorry for nearly imposing myself.
12:19:41 <Entroacceptor> congrats, anyway :)
12:21:28 <Lemmih> Thanks (:
15:20:20 <stepcut> Lemmih: k.
16:12:12 <donri> stepcut: yay!
16:12:22 <stepcut> :)
16:12:52 <donri> http://hdiff.luite.com/cgit/happstack-server/commit?id=7.0.0 all these new stuff! ;)
16:13:10 <donri> nah, but finally we can start deprecating stuff for reals yea?
16:13:24 <stepcut> need to get scoutess  working so that I can regenerate the haddock docs *before* uploading to hackage
16:13:53 <stepcut> in a few minutes, happstack-utils, happstack-data, happstack-state, and happstack-ixset  will be deprecated :p
16:14:01 <donri> nice
16:14:18 <donri> i wonder if scoutess could eventually do what hackagebot does, for specific packages?
16:14:47 <stepcut> the ircbot will eventually report a bunch of information that scoutess provides
16:15:07 <stepcut> scoutess will publish information to the website, and the ircbot will pull data from that
16:15:30 <donri> and that'll include hackage releases?
16:16:07 <stepcut> it could
16:16:34 <stepcut> scoutess needs to track everything that a package depends on directly or indirectly
16:18:03 <stepcut> scoutess is supposed to collect and report on any information a project manager might care about
16:19:16 <donri> could be nice to get notifications in here about any package we might care about, without the noise of #haskell or the noise of irrelevant packages
16:19:24 <stepcut> indeed
16:20:06 <stepcut> the scoutess source backend alread has to track changes to packages on hackage, darcs, git, etc, and provide reports
16:20:17 <donri> yea
16:20:27 <stepcut> so, the rest is trivial :)
16:22:15 <donri> h_buildbot -- what's this then?
16:22:22 <stepcut> no idea
16:22:35 <donri> sneaky!
16:22:39 <stepcut> we used to have a buildbot .. but it stopped running a long time ago
16:22:44 <stepcut> that might be a remnant of it
16:24:30 <donri> did you deprecate the leftover web-routes packages while you were at it?
16:24:47 <stepcut> no ?
16:25:20 <stepcut> I have not deprecated anything on hackage itself yet
16:25:27 <donri> http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=176
16:25:28 <donri> OK
16:29:25 <mightybyte> stepcut: How do you deprecate packages on hackage again?
16:29:38 <stepcut> mightybyte: you have to email ross or someone and ask them to
16:29:47 <mightybyte> That's annoying.
16:29:53 <mightybyte> No wonder I haven't done it.
16:29:58 <donri> :)
16:30:05 <donri> is that perchance improved in hackage2?
16:30:15 <mightybyte> Who knows
16:35:21 <mightybyte> There, maybe formlets will be deprecated soon.
17:03:02 <stepcut> donri: have you upgrade to 7 yet ?
17:05:28 <donri> nope
17:05:40 <stepcut> k
17:28:44 <donri> cabal: cannot configure old-time- It requires base >=4.4 && <5
17:28:47 <donri> stepcut: :(
17:29:36 <donri> oh guess i can constrained that myself
17:29:42 <donri> because happstack is unconstrained
17:34:48 <stepcut> is there something I could change in happstack to make this more reliable?
17:39:02 <donri> duno, also had to constrain unix and array but i don't fully understand cabal
17:44:16 <donri> maybe --upgrade-dependencies is the problem, together with my distro packages. let's try fresh env instead.
17:49:54 <donri> yep, much better. i was being stupid.
17:56:34 <stepcut> :)
17:58:18 <donri> stepcut: except I got happstack 6 because of digestive-functors-happstack. worse, I need digestive-functors < 0.3 so I need -happstack < 0.3 ...
17:58:52 <donri> oh, that's not your package
18:05:06 <stepcut> yeah
18:05:26 <stepcut> jaspervdj: need a bump digestive-functors-happstack :p
18:05:42 <donri> but yea a bump won't really help my case
18:05:48 <stepcut> oh ?
18:06:06 <donri> i use digestive-functors-hsp so i need digestive-functors 0.2
18:07:05 <donri> can you release new version of an old series on hackage?
18:07:45 <jaspervdj> donri: yes
18:07:45 <stepcut> oh. hmm.
18:08:19 <jaspervdj> I'll do so
18:08:57 <donri> :)
18:20:25 <jaspervdj> donri: uploading to hackage
18:24:40 <stepcut> jaspervdj: thanks!
18:31:43 <donri> yay
18:35:54 <donri> works, thanks!
18:39:58 <donri> ACTION wants a syntax highlighter using haskell-src-exts' exact printer
18:42:17 <donri> stepcut: http://www.haskellforall.com/2012/03/haskell-for-purists-pipe-finalization.html seen?
21:00:48 <stepkut> proof reading appreciated, http://www.happstack.com/
21:01:50 <mightybyte> Woah, nice
21:01:58 <HugoDaniel> :D
21:02:01 <stepkut> :p
21:02:03 <HugoDaniel> great stuff
21:02:07 <stepkut> thanks
21:02:10 <donri> ooh
21:03:12 <alpounet> yay!
21:03:34 <alpounet> ACTION immediately checks out the Happstack philosophy page
21:03:36 <alpounet> hah
21:04:07 <mightybyte> The dark grey footer is really huge on my browser.
21:04:39 <alpounet> stepcut, "Managable Growth" => shouldn't there be an 'e' after the 'g'?
21:05:04 <donri> it's probably meant to be a fat footer eventually
21:06:15 <stepkut> mightybyte: huge footers are in for 2012! I just need to put more stuff in it
21:07:11 <stepkut> alpounet: yeah.. fixed.
21:07:28 <stepkut> alpounet: I'm sure there are other mistakes as well :)
21:08:26 <donri> stepcut: you are aware there's no syntax highlighting in happstack-lite docs now?
21:08:54 <donri> aha the hscolour stylesheet is a 404
21:09:04 <stepkut> ah
21:09:27 <stepkut> that is probably a bug.. I think I assumed I hadn't added a stylesheet
21:10:29 <alpounet> stepkut, "Aside from providing addition safety," => additional, i guess
21:11:02 <alpounet> right after: "URLS" => URLs, i guess (you wrote the latter everywhere else so I guess that's the one you want to use)
21:11:28 <stepkut> fixed and fixed.
21:11:44 <donri> you gonna throw some boomerang on them web-routes eventually? :)
21:11:54 <stepkut> yes
21:12:00 <mightybyte> stepkut: Did you do all the design?
21:12:08 <stepkut> mightybyte: yes
21:12:10 <donri> then you'll break links that people pass around now
21:12:12 <mightybyte> Very nice.
21:12:22 <donri> in deed!
21:12:26 <mightybyte> What's SeeReason doing these days?
21:12:48 <donri> mightybyte: snap beware! you know people just choose based on the website design!
21:12:52 <stepkut> donri: the parser could, in theory, handle the old and new versios of the links
21:13:44 <donri> stepkut: planning on having slugs instead of page ids? /page/roadmap or /roadmap or whatever is better than /page/7
21:13:47 <stepkut> mightybyte: working on launching some sites
21:13:52 <donri> i'm probably just saying obvious things, ignore me
21:14:00 <stepkut> donri: yes
21:14:06 <stepkut> donri: all in good time!
21:14:13 <donri> and yes, it looks real nice :)
21:14:39 <mightybyte> lol
21:15:20 <stepkut> http://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/rjtwt/announce_happstack_7_haskell_web_framework/
21:15:37 <stepkut> still only in the 'new' queue
21:16:31 <donri> not for me
21:17:20 <stepkut> yeah, I see it now
21:17:30 <mightybyte> stepkut: Is SeeReason just you?
21:17:49 <stepkut> mightybyte: no
21:17:58 <donri> bike shedding: i think the content needs to be less wide, and perhaps the font a bit bigger
21:18:21 <stepkut> yeah, I wondered about the font size as well
21:18:34 <stepkut> it looks good in the columns on the front page.. but for full page content it seesm a bit small
21:18:52 <donri> it's fine to have the front page be different
21:18:58 <donri> it needs to be that wide too
21:18:59 <stepkut> and the content does seem wide
21:19:12 <stepkut> I didn't have much content when the theme was developed, so some of these things were not obvious
21:19:27 <stepkut> gotta move locations. be back in 20 minutes.
21:19:39 <donri> so where's the new website repo? :)
21:24:17 <dcoutts> stepcut: well done on the release
21:25:08 <alpounet> stepcut, "an API with a fewer functions" => wouldn't it be "with fewer functions" ?
21:26:27 <alpounet> also, " imagine if Happstack contained a only single function " => problem here too i guess
21:26:36 <alpounet> "only one single function" i guess
21:28:28 <alpounet> stepcut, "so that the developer is not asked to decide between multiple options that they are not yet qualified to understand." => at the beginning you use "the developer", and at the end "they".
21:31:29 <alpounet> "For example, if the string as parsed at runtime" => IS parsed
21:32:38 <donri> would be easier if we could just edit the pages. is there a user machinery in place or would that mean you'd have to give out full admin?
21:35:11 <alpounet> stepcut, you say Haskell tops the list on the threading bench, but Haskell is actually only 2nd :(
21:36:22 <alpounet> "In Happstack 8 we expecting" problem here too
21:39:23 <donri> stepcut: release note link -lite to seereason.com
21:41:35 <alpounet> "Unlike, sqlite, (a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration SQL database engine)" too many commas here
21:43:06 <alpounet> "acid-state has plans for a replication, sharding, and other features typically only found in external databases." => remove the 'a' before replication, and sharding should be 'sharing' i guess?
21:43:40 <alpounet> "what really makes it acid-state impressive" => remove the 'it'
21:45:06 <alpounet> "we will doing a blog series talking about what we are currently working on" => we will BE doing
21:45:26 <alpounet> and maybe doing is not the best word here
21:46:01 <stepkut> publishing?
21:46:31 <stepkut> oops. irc-logs link is broken.
21:47:02 <alpounet> "why things are they way there are." => THE way
21:47:15 <alpounet> stepkut, you better check them man, you have some typos to correct
21:47:18 <alpounet> :P
21:47:31 <stepkut> :)
21:47:44 <stepkut> I was pretty tired when I wrote that :p
21:47:53 <alpounet> i hope
21:48:01 <donri> lol
21:48:11 <stepkut> two typos in one phrase :p
21:48:19 <donri> it's quite informative all the new pages though
21:48:23 <alpounet> 'cause i reported typos and my English isn't all that great
21:48:31 <donri> is there a better way we can proof read, i'm too lazy to do like alpounet?
21:48:37 <donri> like is there a markdown i can patch
21:48:45 <donri> or can i edit the page online
21:48:49 <stepkut> donri: not yet.
21:48:54 <donri> OK
21:49:11 <alpounet> donri, well, the biggest risk is being kicked out for flooding
21:49:19 <alpounet> but aside from that, well, that's fine
21:49:45 <donri> stepkut: new website repo?
21:49:56 <stepkut> donri: all in good time
21:50:00 <donri> :)
21:50:28 <donri> hey I have ADHD, patience is *not* a strong suite of mine!
21:54:32 <stepkut> I think haskell did top the list of the threading benchmark when I wrote that line a few days ago..
21:56:25 <donri> Tekmo: "Now I have a monoid in the category of problems."
21:56:37 <alpounet> stepkut, on the release note page, " and the beginning of a new period of develop " => development
22:04:26 <stepkut> alpounet: sharding is scaling technique that involves splitting your dataset across multiple servers
22:04:55 <alpounet> oh ok, never encountered that word until today
22:05:01 <stepkut> :)
22:10:37 <stepkut> ok. I think I got all the reported typos fixed
22:11:46 <stepkut> for, "the developer", and at the end "they".. I could change it to he.. but they is sometimes allowed as a gender neutral singular pronoun?
22:12:20 <stepkut> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singular_they
22:14:38 <alpounet> oh, learned two things now, sorry and nevermind then :P
22:14:49 <stepkut> I could reword the whole sentence to avoid tho controversy. But I would rather write some code :)
22:17:29 <alpounet> (just accidentally cleaned my #happs log, and can't access the irc logs on the website so I haven't seen what you wrote)
22:23:26 <donri> stepkut: (re jmacro) "the ability to generate unique names for global variables/functions" -- i think it's far more noteworthy that this is not just for global variables, and that the result is effectively lexical scoping
22:26:16 <stepkut> so, what should it say?
22:27:13 <donri> maybe, "As an added benefit, jmacro also provides compile-time syntax checking, lexical scoping and globally unique variable names, [...]"
22:29:12 <donri> in fact, i don't think jmacro supports hygienic names for truely global variables - only local variables that happen to be defined in the top level ;)
22:29:18 <donri> >>> renderJs [jmacro| x = 5 |]
22:29:18 <donri> x = 5;
22:29:26 <donri> but i'm nitpicking
23:03:21 <stepcut> thanks for the proof-reading help!
23:06:56 <bitonic> stepcut, stepkut: congrats for the new release!
23:08:42 <stepcut> thanks!
23:09:02 <stepcut> I'm celebrating by drinking guinness and playing violin :p
23:10:25 <donri> you play the violin?
23:10:55 <stepcut> yes
23:10:58 <bitonic> stepcut: I used to be rostayob, I'm still grateful for how helpful you was when I begun with haskell :)
23:11:00 <donri> cool
23:11:00 <stepcut> a bit
23:11:06 <bitonic> *you were
23:11:18 <bitonic> (I've been drinking beer as well ehe)
23:11:25 <donri> i played from age 4 to age 15
23:11:29 <stepcut> bitonic: you're welcome! it was my please!
23:12:16 <bitonic> stepcut: :)
23:12:19 <stepcut> donri: nice. I played off and on between 6 and 18 or so. And then stopped for a long time. But I have started playing again. Not as good as I used to be in some ways and better in others :)
23:12:30 <bitonic> the crash course looks really good as well
23:12:31 <donri> yea i experience the same
23:12:37 <stepcut> bitonic: thanks!
23:12:42 <donri> i'm totally "rusty" but somehow more "mature" or whatever
23:12:48 <stepcut> donri: exactly!
23:13:11 <bitonic> stepcut: one thing: why all that vertical whitespace at the bottom of the new website?
23:13:24 <stepcut> bitonic: whitespace? or gray space?
23:13:43 <bitonic> well yeah, gray space
23:13:50 <stepcut> the gray space is supposed to have links and stuff, but I have not gotten a chance to add them
23:13:59 <stepcut> I could make it smaller for now I guess
23:14:10 <stepcut> http://ui-patterns.com/patterns/FatFooter
23:14:16 <bitonic> ah I was just wondering :)
23:16:16 <stepcut> bitonic: you are not the first person to ask, so.. I should probably do something in the meantime
23:16:17 <bitonic> I'm looking forward even more to happstack 8 eheh. Is there any way I can help? is there a bug tracker or something like that?
23:17:09 <donri> http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/list
23:17:14 <stepcut> there is a bug tracker, http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/list
23:17:18 <stepcut> but it has not been updated for 8
23:17:20 <donri> http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack
23:17:43 <bitonic> stepcut, donri: thanks
23:17:49 <stepcut> I intend to publish more blog articles letting people know what we are working and where we need help as well
23:19:52 <stepcut> i could use some help this weekend writing a very small web server
23:20:40 <bitonic> stepcut: a webserver for what?
23:20:53 <donri> stepcut: suzuki?
23:21:32 <stepcut> donri: yup. I was about to start book 5 when I quit
23:21:53 <stepcut> bitonic: it is very simple. It just responds to every single request with 'PONG'
23:22:13 <stepcut> bitonic: but… very quickly :)
23:22:27 <bitonic> stepcut: aren't we already really good at that? warp & co.?
23:22:32 <donri> i was spoiled with a great teacher and two parents who are also music teachers. i finished book 8, i think.
23:23:07 <stepcut> donri: only 2 more books and you could have won!
23:23:13 <donri> :D
23:23:28 <donri> i think my older sister might have finished all books
23:23:35 <stepcut> :)
23:23:35 <donri> she's in the oslo opera orchestra now
23:24:07 <stepcut> nice
23:24:31 <donri> they had to put me on a trampoline to keep me practicing when i was little
23:25:17 <donri> i think i've broken about three bows, and forgotten my violin on an airport of a foreign country (it was found before we left, called out in speakers and everything)
23:25:55 <stepcut> hah
23:26:16 <stepcut> now that happstack 7 is out, I want to make a 4 or 5 string fretted electric violin
23:26:28 <stepcut> one of my friends has a fretted 7 string
23:27:00 <stepcut> him -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0c1vJb3v-Q
23:29:25 <donri> cool
23:29:29 <donri> not quite sure what fretted means
23:29:45 <bitonic> with frets, like a guitar
23:29:50 <bitonic> never heard of a violin like that :P
23:30:04 <bitonic> I don't know much about violins but I like him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZXZ7UxJzYo
23:30:17 <donri> ah like, "steps"?
23:31:16 <bitonic> well yeah those metal things that mark the notes
23:31:33 <bitonic> in very poor terms, I don't play the violin or the guitar :P
23:31:49 <bitonic> man that song is great
23:32:02 <donri> yea
23:32:57 <donri> singer sounds a little like björk at times
23:33:46 <bitonic> ah wait, I meant the song I linked :P
23:34:02 <donri> oh! missed that
23:34:27 <bitonic> check it out if you have time, it's one of my favourites
23:34:56 <bitonic> and listen the second part as well, it doesn't really take off until like 6 minutes iirc
23:39:56 <bitonic> that album is so beautiful. I know what I'm going to do for the past 45 mins now eheh