05:08:16 <hpaste_> donri pasted hjscript on ghc-7.4.1 at http://hpaste.org/67258
05:08:26 <donri> ^ my app isn't building because of that
05:08:30 <donri> stepcut: have you had that?
05:08:43 <stepcut> yep
05:08:48 <stepcut> you need hjscript from darcs
05:10:35 <donri> argh
05:10:52 <donri> why did i wipe my system ghc 7.0.4 and set everything up for 7.4 :P
05:11:06 <stepcut> because 7.4 is awesome
05:11:35 <donri> so what is the darcs repo these days
05:11:49 <stepcut> patch-tag/r/nibro/hjscript
05:11:52 <stepcut> or something like that
05:12:10 <donri> i guess you guys are working on ridding us of hjscript anyway
05:12:32 <stepcut> yeah
05:12:46 <stepcut> at least, ridding us of the requirement to install it
05:12:52 <donri> yea, that
05:12:56 <donri> i'm not actually using it
05:13:01 <stepcut> but hsp has similar issues
05:13:18 <stepcut> actually.. you want darcs.. but not quite darcs head
05:13:44 <donri> yea that refused to install
05:13:59 <stepcut> in darcs head he renamed XML to XMLType so that it would not conflict with the XML type and hence there is no need to import things qualified
05:14:14 <donri> nice
05:16:10 <stepcut> anyway, time to stop playing guitar and time to start going to bed
05:17:25 <donri> yea, it's 7am darnit
05:17:36 <stepcut> :)
17:43:15 <stepkut> DOM vs innerHTML: fight!
17:46:55 <HugoDaniel> :)
17:48:05 <stepkut> http://jsperf.com/dom-vs-innerhtml/10
17:54:28 <luite> stepkut: does the latest jmacro in the repository still depend on web-encodings?
17:55:07 <HugoDaniel> amazing how firefox kicks the arse of the other browsers
17:55:32 <stepkut> luite: yep, http://patch-tag.com/r/gershomb/jmacro/snapshot/current/content/pretty/jmacro.cabal
17:56:24 <luite> hmm, that forces an older failure, which the cabal-install solver cannot solve
17:56:40 <luite> easiest fix is probably to bug michael to bump that requirement :)
17:56:41 <stepkut> HugoDaniel: :)
17:57:07 <stepkut> luite: yeah
17:57:09 <luite> but it looks like it's an unsupported package now
17:57:21 <luite> don't know what's supposed to replace it
17:57:28 <stepkut> well. then jmacro should be patched to not require it I guess
17:59:54 <stepkut> looks like it uses decodeJson
18:01:29 <stepkut> yeah, that is all it uses
18:01:42 <stepkut> I wonder if the json or aeson library provides a function that does the same thing
18:02:43 <stepkut> http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/web-encodings/
18:05:40 <luite> Data.Aeson.Parser.jstring, I think
18:09:59 <stepkut> do you think it is safe to say that aeson is the clear winner in the Haskell JSON library showdown? There are a zillion json libraries on hackage
18:11:49 <DMcGill> So I just got an email from google with the subject "Congratulations!" and the body "None". Stepkut, Alpounet, could this have something to do with the GSOC project? Have either of you heard anything?
18:12:27 <alpounet> DMcGill, let's talk about this in private
18:20:22 <stepkut> luite: I emailed the jmacro author, thanks for the heads up
18:20:43 <stepkut> luite: I proposed that we try to switch from json->aeson and then use jstring (if we can)
18:20:51 <stepkut> I want to switch to aeson anyway
18:23:49 <stepkut> maybe I should write a blog post about the two different ways to implement, ToJExpr HTML.XML, and then let the masses decide :)
18:23:58 <stepkut> well, let them give me a compelling argument
21:53:06 <ericmj> I can't seem to get happstack-plugins working
21:53:21 <ericmj> I get the following error when I run "cabal install"
21:53:23 <ericmj> Resolving dependencies...
21:53:23 <ericmj> cabal.exe: cannot configure plugins- It requires ghc >=6.10
21:53:23 <ericmj> There is no available version of ghc that satisfies >=6.10
22:41:32 <stepcut> ericmj: what version of GHC are you using?
22:42:10 <ericmj> 7.0.3
22:42:46 <stepcut> you are on windows?
22:42:51 <ericmj> yes sir
22:43:31 <stepcut> plugins-auto currently requires hinotify which is linux only, so..
22:43:46 <stepcut> we would like to fix that.. but it hasn't happened yet
22:44:08 <stepcut> that doesn't explain the error you got though