21:41:19 <alpounet> oh my
21:41:25 <alpounet> i just switched to ghc 7.4
21:41:28 <stepcut> and ?
21:41:48 <alpounet> well, actually, it's ongiong
21:41:50 <alpounet> ongoing*
21:42:45 <alpounet> ok, done
21:43:15 <alpounet> $ ghc --version
21:43:15 <alpounet> The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 7.4.1
21:43:20 <alpounet> there you go
21:43:33 <stepcut> :)
21:43:44 <tazjin> Are there any happstack projects that don't work with 7.4?
21:44:23 <stepcut> tazjin: not that I know of.. HSX was problematic but that is fixed now
21:44:52 <stepcut> i use GHC 7.4..
21:44:55 <stepcut> so it can be made to work
21:45:02 <stepcut> but sometimes there are patches applied that I do not know about
21:45:52 <tazjin> Okay. Lets see if it works with my blog
21:49:36 <tazjin> Alright, adventure time. If things go wrong I'll blame alpounet ;P
21:49:45 <tazjin> tazjins-imac:~ tazjin$ ghc -V
21:49:45 <tazjin> The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 7.4.1
21:49:54 <alpounet> meh, y'see
21:49:58 <alpounet> you were ready to blame me
21:50:21 <alpounet> now you just have 50 packages to reinstall, at least
21:50:32 <tazjin> Yes, but I'll watch Breaking Bad while that's happening
21:50:37 <alpounet> but hey, it's okay, your CPU was bored anyway
21:50:43 <tazjin> True
21:50:48 <tazjin> It's bored most of the time
22:07:06 <alpounet> stepcut, man, we better not use scoutess for... scoutess
22:07:24 <alpounet> it takes like forever to install all the dependencies from a fresh platform install
22:07:28 <stepcut> :)
22:07:29 <alpounet> :P
22:07:49 <alpounet> and we're not very far into the project yet
22:07:56 <stepcut> :)
22:08:42 <stepcut> my real world happstack applications have dependencies in the 100+ range probably (looking at the transitive closure)
22:09:04 <alpounet> wow
22:09:15 <alpounet> the ones you write for a living?
22:10:37 <stepcut> yeah
22:10:49 <stepcut> they add up quick :)