00:09:54 <stepcut> work in progress.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSpv_ELdyng
00:11:47 <stepcut> there is some sort of weird clipping at the end.. and the image looks a bit washed out for some reason
00:12:02 <stepcut>  and nothing interesting happens ;)
00:14:31 <luite> hmm, looks like angry birds space
00:14:52 <luite> i guess the H is the bad guy, you have to destroy it with good guys Y and S ;)
00:24:32 <stepcut> haha
00:24:51 <stepcut> I am pretty sure Y and S tried to steal H's eggs
00:27:18 <luite> very funny ubuntu:
00:27:18 <luite> $ cabal
00:27:19 <luite> Sorry, command-not-found has crashed! Please file a bug report at: ...
00:38:15 <stepcut> heh
00:44:48 <luite> also locale errors, 12.04 seems a bit rushed...
00:48:58 <parcs`> christ
00:49:15 <parcs`> ACTION hugs debian testing
00:55:36 <luite> parcs`: i bet you didn't get ghc 7.4.1 with your distro!
00:57:57 <parcs`> luite: oh yeah? http://packages.debian.org/sid/ghc :)
01:23:22 <stepcut> i got ghc with my distro http://deb.seereason.com/
01:25:16 <luite> parcs`: sid isn't testing, right?
01:43:31 <parcs`> luite: it's not, but you can easily mix and match testing + sid
01:43:42 <luite> ah
14:39:02 <donri> maybe it would be useful if jmacro had a "mode" where it refuses to assign to undeclared variables
14:46:00 <stepcut>  yeah
14:46:11 <stepcut> any word about your Text patches?
14:47:36 <luite> text patches?
14:55:50 <stepcut> to switch jmacro to use Text instead of String I believe
14:59:53 <luite> oh, right, i thought patches for the text package :)
15:06:03 <donri> stepcut: i think they're applied upstream but not released yet