10:36:13 <Lemmih> srhb: How's school?
10:36:33 <srhb> Lemmih: Meh!
10:36:44 <srhb> Lemmih: How are you? ;)
10:38:48 <Lemmih> Good. Gonna drop out of uni and do work instead.
10:39:04 <srhb> Lemmih: Good on you. :)
10:39:10 <Lemmih> I hope work stays as fun as it is now.
10:39:59 <srhb> I'm completely demotivated by the utility courses because they're too simple and I don't care enough about the theory to actually do something about it. I'll be heading back to biophysics and/or work as soon as I figure out a financially viable way to do so.
10:40:14 <srhb>  /wrists
10:40:15 <srhb> :P
10:40:24 <srhb> But happy to hear you're enjoying work :)
10:40:37 <Lemmih> What is biophysics?
10:41:14 <srhb> in general, or which part I'm interested in?
10:41:35 <srhb> Modelling complex living systems from simple physical rules interests me.
10:42:02 <Lemmih> Neat. Never heard the term before. Reading up on it on wikipedia now.
10:42:47 <srhb> Lemmih: That was what I was doing before I came to compsci. Didn't get my bachelors though, so I'll have to find some way of financing the last year.
10:44:43 <Lemmih> Why did you switch? Biophysics seems more interesting than compsci.
10:45:18 <srhb> Financial issues as well. And, well, stupidity. I was behind on my studies due to various personal reasons and lost the right for SU.
10:45:27 <srhb> Nothing I regret more than switching right now. ;)
10:46:02 <srhb> Now I'm looking for ways to utilize Haskell for biophysics - there's gotta be some niche market here. :)
10:47:10 <Lemmih> I won't be picking compsci again when/if I return to Denmark. I was thinking I'd get into molecular biology or systems biology.
10:47:39 <Lemmih> There are a bunch of packages on hackage related to bioinformatics, aren't there?
10:47:41 <srhb> Good choice. But I'm hardly objective on these matters. It's such exciting stuff, and there's a treasure trove of research topics.
10:47:43 <srhb> Yes
10:47:52 <srhb> (Bioinformatics rocks too in general)
11:08:31 <luite> hmm
11:09:39 <luite> Lemmih: why not cs?
11:12:14 <luite> srhb: anything in particular you're interested in?
11:12:47 <srhb> luite: Plenty! Protein dynamics, emergent systems for two..
11:12:57 <srhb> There's a lot of overlap.
11:13:20 <luite> ah
11:15:32 <srhb> luite: You could mention any topic in the field and I'd probably be interested :P
11:15:45 <luite> i was rather disappointed with cs myself, and really liked my 6 months at chalmers where i did not cs (to donri's surprise ;p), but mostly at the complex adaptive systems programme at the physics department
11:15:57 <srhb> Oh, that sounds kickass as well.
11:16:07 <luite> but i have to admit that learning haskell and my msc at uu did respark my cs interest :)
11:16:40 <srhb> I think I've found that my CS interest has been limited to just Haskell and how it can be applied in physics and biology.
11:16:50 <luite> srhb: yeah it was alot of mathematical modelling and simulation of complex physical and biological systems
11:16:54 <srhb> Yum!
11:17:06 <srhb> See, that's what I want to do :P
11:17:08 <Lemmih> luite: I've been involved with cs fulltime for more than a decade. Not a lot of low hanging fruit left.
11:17:50 <luite> hmm is that so?
11:19:37 <Lemmih> I believe so, yeah. Learning biology would impact my life more than marginally refining my compsci comprehension would.
11:37:40 <luite> hmm i kind of expect that all research-level work will be mostly "marginal things", or is much of biology (and bioinformatics and other related fields) closer to the stage that cs was in the 60's?
11:47:19 <srhb> luite: Yes. It really is. Especially with the crossover into physics