19:49:24 <donri> ACTION realizes the similarity between acid-state and darcs
20:30:09 <stepcut> donri: minus the merging problem
20:32:34 <donri> stepcut: :)
20:32:42 <donri> stepcut: i mean event replaying vs "a tree is defined as the result of applying a given set of patches to an empty tree"
20:33:03 <stepcut> right
20:33:26 <stepcut> I hope to finish the formettes docs today and release it tomorrow
20:33:49 <donri> yay!
20:36:37 <donri> "performance"
20:36:52 <donri> "uniform"
20:37:14 <donri> "conformity"
20:37:29 <donri> ACTION $ grep form /usr/share/dict/words
20:37:53 <donri> hey "typeform" is a word :D
20:40:00 <donri> stepcut: "reform" because it's formlets/digestive-functors reformed :)
20:42:19 <donri> "formidable"
20:42:42 <donri> "formula"
20:43:54 <donri> "informative" (because of the error reporting :))
20:44:27 <donri> "malformed" because that's the kind of data it helps to deal with
20:45:52 <donri> i like "reform"
21:03:50 <stepkut> heh
21:04:03 <stepkut> I have considered reform as well
21:04:05 <stepkut> or deform
21:04:15 <stepkut> I did in fact grep words already :p
21:04:22 <stepkut> bbiab.
21:06:11 <donri> stepcut: "deform" is "taken" by a python form lib
21:34:10 <stepcut> ah
21:35:12 <donri> and "uniform" i recall is taken by at least two jquery/css "libs"
21:36:31 <stepcut> I don't like formula.. because that name seems much better for something actually related to formulas
21:37:43 <donri> yea, might be especially bad in haskell ;p
22:02:51 <stepcut> I might need a CUDA graphics card soon :-/
22:45:06 <donri> why the frown
22:45:20 <stepcut> because it's like $500 :)
22:45:36 <donri> ah!
23:55:10 <ozgura> hello! anyone around?
23:56:23 <ozgura> I'll ask anyway. I am using Happstack.Server.RqData.looks to read the value of a post variable.
23:56:46 <stepcut> k
23:57:10 <donri> ACTION waits for the "but"
23:57:10 <ozgura> the value is a multiline text. I just realised if the text contains a "+" I receive a space character instead
23:57:33 <stepcut> ozgura: trying setting, enctype="multipart/form-data" in the <form> element?
23:57:44 <ozgura> do I need to apply an encoding function or something
23:57:57 <ozgura> stepcut: oops, let me check if that's not there already
23:58:58 <stepcut> by default the form will use, application/form-url-encoded
23:59:30 <stepcut> now.. it is possible that we are still doing wrong here.. but setting enctype="form/multipart-data" is the right thing to do anyway
23:59:36 <stepcut> yikes
23:59:39 <stepcut> "multipart/form-data"
23:59:46 <ozgura> this is a jquery ajax request btw.
23:59:47 <donri> i think + for %20 is non-standard, not sure
23:59:56 <ozgura> i don't know how to set the enctype for that