00:01:23 <stepkut> donri: seems to build fine under GHC 7.4 for me -- so I guess I will pull it.
00:01:44 <donri> i mean, i should test the unpacked version in 7.4 :)
00:01:49 <donri> in a cabal-dev
00:01:51 <donri> it's cooking now
00:01:53 <stepkut> now you are tied with Andrea Vezzosi, unless you have a patch you have not pushed to darcsden yet
00:02:02 <donri> hehe
00:05:26 <donri> yea built fine in 7.4 from hackage
00:05:38 <donri> most likely a template haskell issue then
00:05:44 <stepkut> k
00:05:52 <donri> but we want to support 7.0 right?
00:05:56 <stepkut> right
00:06:04 <donri> needs moar scoutess
00:06:11 <stepkut> yup
00:09:08 <stepkut> ooo. I just wishing that cabal init had a mode that didn't put all those comments in.. and it does!
00:09:17 <stepkut> cabal++
00:09:52 <donri> :)
00:10:12 <donri> i use snippets in vim2hs instead
00:15:46 <dcoutts> stepcut: latest version asks you interactively if you want them
00:15:52 <dcoutts> defaulting to no
00:16:20 <dcoutts> so newbies will know it exists, but easy for everyone else to say no to
00:17:16 <stepkut> dcoutts: neat
00:18:02 <stepkut> dcoutts: is there a way to add an <img> tag in the Description ?
00:18:12 <dcoutts> haddock markup
00:18:24 <stepkut> dcoutts: right.. I couldn't figure out how to do it in haddock
00:18:33 <dcoutts> it's there, see the user guide
00:18:56 <stepkut> hmm
00:19:07 <dcoutts> doesn't mean hackage's version of the haddock markup supports it though
00:19:21 <dcoutts> hackage uses an older version of haddock's lexer + parser
00:20:13 <stepkut> I still don't see it in the haddock docs
00:20:55 <dcoutts> mm, no I don't see it
00:20:59 <dcoutts> I think it was << >>
00:21:03 <stepkut> probably for the best
00:21:45 <stepkut> hmm thunder and lightening.. time to go inside I think
00:21:55 <dcoutts> :-)
00:25:06 <donri> thundering typhoons and blistering barnacles
00:41:32 <stepkut> http://patch-tag.com/r/stepcut/reform/
01:19:06 <stepkut> ok.. adding reform-blaze now
01:30:00 <donri> stepkut: http://darcsden.com/dag/reform/patch/20120516012937-6eb02
01:30:48 <stepkut> :(
01:30:50 <stepkut> I forgot about that
01:31:15 <stepkut> my version of HsColour is patched
01:31:26 <stepkut> but the work around is actually to use sed in the makefile
01:31:30 <donri> my version of pandoc uses highlighting-kate instead
01:31:50 <stepkut> well.. I only support HsColour :p
01:31:53 <donri> :)
01:31:59 <donri> what is the point of "]"?
01:32:03 <donri> i thought it was typo for ">"
01:32:05 <stepkut> your patch most likely makes the .lhs file fail to compile
01:32:11 <donri> aha :)
01:32:53 <stepkut> not sure how else to mark certain blocks so that they are highlighted, but not compiled
01:33:10 <donri> i see
01:33:29 <donri> i was just pandocing it, not running it
01:34:27 <stepkut> I added the Makefile I use to the directory
01:34:50 <stepkut> there is a sed line in there that will replace the ] with > so you can run it through something else
01:36:14 <donri> i see :)
01:37:03 <stepkut> though, it is commented out because I patched HsColour locally.. and send patches upstream
01:37:42 <stepkut> I also patched HsColour so that it gives a different css tag to the bird markers so I can style them (or hide them with, display: none: }
01:38:03 <donri> pandoc has special markdown extensions for syntax highlighter code
01:38:55 <stepkut> the pandoc GPL license makes me sad, and then I don't use it :p
01:39:12 <donri> ~~~ {.haskell}
01:39:16 <donri> stepkut: hscolour is gpl too ...
01:39:30 <stepkut> donri: yeah.. but it doesn't make me sad
01:39:34 <donri> haha
01:39:46 <stepkut> I don't really have a desire to use HsColour as a library in any apps
01:40:11 <donri> but pandoc can be used as a command-line tool
01:40:35 <stepkut> but, that is lame. especially if you want the intermediate types
01:41:15 <donri> works fine for markdown+lhs to html :)
01:41:16 <stepkut> plus, it goes against the spirit. If the only reason you use the CLI version is to avoid the GPL.. then you are cheating! or something..
01:42:01 <donri> my point is don't we mainly want the CLI tool here anyway?
01:42:40 <stepkut> yes.. but by supporting the CLI, and I supporting pandoc!
01:42:54 <stepkut> I am sure my one-man boycott will convince him to switch to BSD3!
01:43:14 <donri> :)
01:43:34 <donri> i'm not even that big a fan of markdown to begin with
01:43:42 <stepkut> what do you prefer?
01:43:44 <donri> anything interesting and you have to resort to non-standard extensions
01:43:56 <donri> like syntax highlighted code blocks
01:44:23 <donri> alas, i don't know anything more complete and standardized, except maybe asciidoc which instead is perhaps overkill
01:44:48 <donri> well, reST is quite awesome since it's extensible by design ...
17:47:00 <stepkut> I'm porting happstack-authenticate to reform, to test it out in the real world
19:15:00 <donri_> ACTION recently discovered that Int is truncated to zero on overflow, for Num literals
19:16:42 <donri_> actually no, that was my use of (^); a full literal becomes negative o_O
19:17:12 <donri_> or zero, depending on how much overflown? o_O
19:19:21 <stepkut> :)
19:19:39 <donri_> i'm not sure if this means Num is broken, or that Char8 is not. :p
19:19:50 <stepkut> I think Int forms a RING?
19:20:06 <donri_> random integer number generator?
19:20:11 <stepkut> no.. it is something else
19:20:12 <stepkut> ACTION ponders
19:21:00 <stepkut> I think it is a Ring of modulo integers
19:21:18 <donri_> cuhrazy
19:21:31 <donri_> > 4^4^4 :: Int
19:21:32 <lambdabot>   0
19:23:36 <stepkut> i think fromInteger truncates values
19:24:00 <stepkut> ^ probably uses Integer internally and then calls fromInteger which truncates
19:24:52 <donri> yea, i just think it might be better if it could happen at compile time for literals
19:26:09 <stepkut> [int| 123829084032850432584205 |]
19:26:13 <stepkut> :p
19:26:28 <donri> :)
19:27:17 <donri> > let x = 4 :: Int in x^x^x
19:27:18 <lambdabot>   0
19:29:44 <luite> stepkut: yeah it's a quotient ring, it's not a field because 2 doesn't haven a multiplicative inverse
19:30:33 <luite> (so  not a division ring either, but that would make it a field automatically since it's finite)
19:33:04 <stepkut> luite: but also, modular, because, (maxBound :: Int) + 1 == -9223372036854775808?
19:33:31 <luite> yeah but modular integers are usually described as Z/nZ
19:33:41 <luite> a quotient of Z
19:33:42 <stepkut> rather, (maxBound + 1) == (minBound :: Int)
19:33:56 <stepkut> ah
19:34:02 <stepkut> so that is what the quotient part is refering to