00:04:07 <tazjin> donri
00:04:09 <tazjin> tazjins-imac:~ tazjin$ curl -I http://www.silkapp.com | grep Server
00:04:09 <tazjin> Server: Snap/
00:04:28 <donri> they use happstack too
00:04:32 <donri> or at least have used it
00:04:54 <tazjin> Oh, hmm
00:05:36 <stepcut> they use a combination of happstack, snap, and ruby
00:06:29 <tazjin> How does Ruby blend in there? *goes to check out their Engineering blog*
00:07:14 <stepcut> dunno
00:08:25 <donri> in the talk i watched i think it was the front site, with a mention that they were porting it to haskell
00:08:28 <donri> guess that's done now
00:31:57 <donri> stepcut: happstack-jmacro is missing on website
00:34:36 <stepcut> missing where?
00:35:02 <stepcut> in the docs section?
00:35:04 <stepcut> I'll add that
00:35:50 <donri> yep
00:38:37 <stepcut> done.
00:38:41 <stepcut> thanks!
00:43:51 <donri> if i have a RouteT Sitemap (ServerPartT IO) Response, and I use monadic <- on something that is RouteT Sitemap (ServerPartT IO) JStat, shouldn't I get the JStat?
00:44:38 <donri> I get No instance for (Happstack.Server.Response.ToMessage (RouteT Sitemap (ServerPartT IO) JStat)) when I call toResponse on what i expected to be a plain jstat
00:45:20 <donri> oooooooh silly me ignore
00:45:35 <donri> i was doing conf <- config and then calling toResponse config
00:45:56 <stepcut> :)
00:45:59 <donri> that's what you get for abusing abbreviations :p
00:46:28 <donri> you'd think ghc would warn for the unused "conf"
00:53:11 <stepcut> did you have -Wall enabled?
00:53:18 <stepcut> or, at least -fwarn-unused?
00:55:31 <donri> perhaps not :)
00:55:44 <donri> oh yes i do
01:28:00 <donri> ACTION renamed config to mkConfig :)
19:54:22 <donri> hm is it possible to do keter-style zero-downtime deploys without something like nginx purely with haskell? is that something you can do with simpleHTTPWithSocket?