03:05:20 <stepcut>  show was a success! I luite is lucky I don't have ops on #happs :p
03:06:17 <stepcut>  donri: I have considered changing the categories for the happstack packages.. the current ones don't seem like the best choice
03:24:45 <donri> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/happstack-yui
03:24:54 <donri> i'll announce it after sleep when it has haddocks
03:26:06 <donri> bedtime now :)
03:31:08 <stepcut> cool
08:32:04 <plat0> I want to serve a temporary file with serveFile, and then delete it.  How can I do that?
08:33:27 <plat0> I could read the file into memory, delete it, and then serve it as a string, but is there a better way?
11:30:59 <donri> Fatal error: can't close dist/build/Happstack/Server/YUI/Bundle.o: No space left on device
11:31:02 <donri> aww i broke hackage :p
14:27:55 <donri> acid-state: http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-f6dW8iiEDGU/T7j7zV1VzhI/AAAAAAAAMXk/DhNBQA6prNw/w426-h426/2012%2B-%2B1
14:27:56 <donri> ACTION ducks
14:33:45 <tazjin> Of course without terminating the process
16:01:27 <stepcut> plat0: are you on Linux ?
18:12:35 <donri> stepcut: could we have happstack-yui haddocks on happstack.com?
18:12:41 <stepkut> sure
18:12:58 <donri> (hackage doesn't like it)
18:13:39 <stepkut> that is quite the version number!
18:13:54 <stepkut> :)
18:14:01 <donri> yea, did you see the explanation
18:14:23 <stepkut> yup
18:14:30 <donri> :)
18:14:38 <stepkut> did you see this, http://www.ittc.ku.edu/csdlblog/?p=88
18:14:48 <stepkut> oh, nm
18:14:52 <donri> :)
18:14:54 <stepkut> you are the first comment on reddit :)
18:15:11 <donri> is that you i'm referring to in it?
18:15:25 <stepkut> yes
18:15:26 <donri> i forgot if it was you or chrisdone
18:15:28 <donri> ah
18:39:52 <serialhex> hey all, quick Q:  i'm looking at learning happstack and i'm going through the 'happstack-lite' tutorial, but when i try to run the initial server i get a 'Could not find module `Happstack.Lite'' error, any suggestions?
18:40:11 <serialhex> running through the normal tutorial seems okay, it's just the happstack-lite one
18:41:19 <stepkut> I assume you have the happstack-lite package installed?
18:41:25 <donri> did you install the happstack-lite package?
18:42:00 <serialhex> cabal says there isn't one
18:42:12 <serialhex> cabal install happstack-lite right?
18:42:23 <stepkut> yep
18:42:23 <donri> should be
18:42:28 <serialhex> hmm...
18:42:31 <donri> how recently have you done "cabal update"
18:43:00 <serialhex> wtf!?!?  did someone just change something???
18:43:11 <serialhex> i tried it, i updated i tried it again and nothing!!!
18:43:18 <serialhex> and now, it works!!!
18:43:27 <serialhex> someone is playing tricks on me....  -_-
18:43:28 <donri> heh
18:44:29 <donri> perhaps you mispelled the package or something simple like that :)
18:46:18 <serialhex> no, i dont think so...  it was so crazy i made it a gist: https://gist.github.com/2759111
18:46:35 <donri> yep, "light" instead of "lite"
18:46:52 <serialhex> ohhh...  -_-  my bad :P
18:47:06 <donri> easy mistake :)
18:47:45 <serialhex> ok, i feel dumbish...  :)  thanks fo your patience in my stupididty!
19:05:02 <stepkut> I am fiending for VGHS #3 :-/
19:14:03 <cemycc> Hello, When I try to run a hapstack app I get this error: could not find module happstack.lite
19:14:19 <cemycc> I need to install the lite module ?
19:14:53 <stepkut> cemycc: should be capitalized, Happstack.Lite
19:15:14 <stepkut> cemycc: also make sure you have done, cabal update && cabal install happstack-lite
19:16:12 <cemycc> stepcut, Understood, thanks.
20:47:00 <donri> stepkut: you gonna release hsx-jmacro soon? :)
20:51:37 <stepcut> donri: yes
21:00:23 <serialhex> can i use happstack on a server using fastCGI or the like?
21:01:18 <stepcut> serialhex: there is some unofficial support for using happstack via fastcgi. I have not used it, nor do I know if it is up to date
21:01:39 <serialhex> ok, thanks
21:02:34 <stepcut> might add something official in happstack 8.. it is requested now and then
22:03:25 <donri> http://travis-ci.org/#!/dag/happstack-yui/builds finally some green, thanks ;)
22:15:34 <stepkut> nice
22:40:35 <alpounet> i hate these #! urls
22:41:11 <donri> ...yui to the rescue! it has a unified api for using html5 history and the #! workaround
22:41:58 <alpounet> heh
22:42:01 <alpounet> i definitely have to check it out
22:42:32 <donri> so did you see happstack-yui? :)
22:46:15 <alpounet> not yet
22:46:23 <alpounet> 3 exams coming this week
22:46:26 <alpounet> :p