00:52:15 <alpounet> donri, 7351.3.0, seriously? :P
00:56:24 <donri> \o/
00:59:55 <donri> was the only way to comply with pvp
01:10:29 <luite> oh your lib has ha higher version number than HTTP, that's  something
01:12:10 <donri> do i win hackage?
01:13:21 <luite> yeah you win a free download of all packages
01:13:28 <donri> yay
01:13:37 <donri> i mean is it the highest version of all packages?
01:13:47 <luite> dunno
01:13:57 <donri> it's also about 30M unpacked :)
01:14:19 <luite> oh you bundle the whole yui source?
01:14:22 <donri> yep
01:14:37 <donri> thus the version number, since it's bundled
01:15:22 <luite> hmm, i don't really like that, perhaps i'm old-fashioned that i still want to pack/minify my own ajvascript
01:15:33 <donri> :)
01:15:55 <donri> it's already minified and the whole point is that it is combo-loaded
01:16:47 <donri> i think it makes sense for yui; i wouldn't make a package like this for jquery
01:26:38 <donri> yay docs built this time http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/happstack-yui/7351.3.0/doc/html/Happstack-Server-YUI.html
01:26:44 <donri> stepcut: ^ :)
01:27:47 <donri> so don't need to put them on happstack.com then, unless you specifically want to
01:41:16 <stepcut> donri: nah, I want them on happstack.com, just have to get it to build
01:41:55 <donri> stepcut: it should build fine now; file-embed is optional
01:42:00 <stepcut> cool
02:51:12 <stepkut> sometimes I think reform should have an Isomorphism class
03:06:41 <donri> :)
03:06:42 <donri> bedtime
16:06:03 <serialhex> ok, so i have a Q on something:  i'm trying to get a simple function to work, but it's not compiling... https://gist.github.com/2776126 & repo: https://github.com/serialhex/technote.happs
16:41:45 <serialhex> ok, gist with error & offending function: https://gist.github.com/2776126/ -_-
16:42:52 <serialhex> grumble grumble
19:03:33 <serialhex> i saw that dag on github checked out my code, are you still here dag??
19:06:01 <serialhex> hmm.... apparently not...
19:11:14 <donri> serialhex: here
19:11:36 <serialhex> ok, it's quiet in here, but i'm gonna ask anyway: blaze-html is where i think i'm having a problem, i want to add a string that is a variable, to a literal string in code... but ti's not working (i.e. "foo" ++ bar throws an error, but just "foo" does not)
19:11:58 <serialhex> ahh, donri!!  ok, i got back to you on my gist, and playing with it i think that's where my problem lies
19:12:05 <serialhex> ^^
19:12:39 <serialhex> i'm still learning happs (and web programming in general)
19:12:59 <donri> serialhex: "foo" >> toHtml bar
19:13:25 <donri> or toHtml ("foo" ++ bar)
19:13:53 <serialhex> AWESOME!!!!  you rock sir!!  :D
19:14:14 <serialhex> the compiler was screaming at me all day long, and that made it shut up :P
19:14:20 <donri> :)
19:14:49 <serialhex> now, on to doing more useful work!  thank you again!!
19:14:55 <donri> "foo" alone works because OverloadedString calls toHtml on it for you
19:15:04 <donri> but then you can't ++ a Html value with a string
19:15:10 <serialhex> ahh, ok
19:15:20 <donri> x >> y is the same as do x; y
19:15:55 <serialhex> hmm, allright
19:16:18 <donri> which puts two things next to each other in the Html monad
19:16:25 <donri> so, has the same effect as ++
19:16:41 <serialhex> i'm still coming to grips with haskell syntax & idioms & libraries
19:16:45 <serialhex> ok
19:16:57 <donri> yea, OverloadedStrings is neat but can be confusing
19:17:39 <serialhex> i tried `"foo" ++ toHtml bar` but that threw errors... then `"foo" >> bar` and i got the same
19:17:39 <donri> it relies on type inference so the type of a string literal isn't always obvious to a human :p
19:17:48 <serialhex> ahh, ok
19:18:02 <donri> yea, the problem is that it only works for string *literals* not string values in variables
19:18:09 <donri> and ++ only works for strings and >> only for Html
19:18:23 <donri> you need both to be the same type
19:18:37 <donri> with "foo" >> toHtml bar, we convert bar to a Html value so that works
19:18:43 <serialhex> ok
19:18:54 <donri> with toHtml ("foo" ++ bar), "foo" is inferred to be a normal String value
19:19:43 <donri> and the ++ then creates a new String which you must yourself convert to a Html
19:19:48 <serialhex> ahhhh.... ok
19:21:55 <serialhex> ok cool :) thanks for the lesson
19:22:02 <donri> no prob
21:42:53 <plat0> This code shows how to make a stateful handler:  http://hackage.scs.stanford.edu/package/happs-tutorial-0.9.5/src/src/StateTExample.hs
21:43:34 <plat0> But how can I make n stateful handlers without a proliferation of types, and without any of the handlers having to know about any of the others?