07:37:37 <jaspervdj> stepcut: I added a `compact` setting for language pragmas in stylish-haskell
07:37:52 <jaspervdj> additionally, there's an option to not align import statements
07:38:10 <jaspervdj> so I guess it should work fine with happstack-like code bases, but I'm not sure
07:40:33 <donri> do you still align import lists?
07:59:56 <jaspervdj> donri: It's a setting
08:00:11 <jaspervdj> donri: https://github.com/jaspervdj/stylish-haskell/blob/master/.stylish-haskell.yaml
08:30:37 <donri> jaspervdj: yes but can you have import lists aligned without module alignment?
08:31:27 <jaspervdj> erm, I guess I can add that, could you link an example?
08:31:57 <donri> https://github.com/dag/happstack-yui/blob/master/src/Happstack/Server/YUI.hs
08:32:21 <donri> i group qualified and not separately and align qualified by "as" and import lists by "("
08:36:30 <jaspervdj> ok
08:36:39 <jaspervdj> should be doable, added to todo list :-)
18:02:35 <stepcut> donri: whatever happened to the prettier derivePathInfo we were working on ?