21:06:13 <donri> so i slept for 20 hours
21:10:37 <parcs`> wow :)
21:12:52 <mekeor> O_O wow!
21:16:27 <donri> my reaction was closer to "oh crap"
21:27:49 <stepkut> heh
21:41:00 <tazjin> I wish I could do that, donri
23:09:55 <luite> hm i usually feel much worse after sleeping too long
23:29:59 <donri> yea
23:30:02 <donri> in this case, i needed it though :)
23:30:41 <luite> so are you going to sleep again now? :p
23:30:52 <donri> we'll see: )
23:36:03 <tazjin> I hate stepping out of the comfortable Haskell world to do Javascript
23:36:13 <tazjin>   })}); <- really?? :[
23:36:27 <stepkut> :)
23:36:35 <stepkut> needs more elm
23:36:45 <tazjin> Yes
23:36:52 <tazjin> But we're still somewhat far away from that
23:36:56 <stepkut> we should make a post on the happs mailing list about happstack+elm or something
23:36:58 <tazjin> (I'm fighting some JQuery UI plugin)
23:37:24 <tazjin> Everyone wants me to write blog posts about it! Michael Snoyman asked me whether I'd like to post something on the yesodweb blog
23:37:34 <stepkut> you had a working example, right? So, just a short message that says, "you can use Happstack with Elm already -- no special support required. Here is a demo to get you started."
23:37:36 <tazjin> and yeah, spreading Elm is cool and such, and I'd like to write some posts, but I'm rather busy with work at the moment :P
23:37:45 <tazjin> Yeah, I do - wait a moment
23:37:54 <stepkut> well, I can make the post, I just wanted to make sure that is true
23:37:57 <stepkut> plus I need the link again :)
23:38:06 <tazjin> https://github.com/tazjin/Elm/tree/master/Examples/elm-happstack
23:38:28 <tazjin> I haven't gotten around to doing the web-routes example yet
23:38:40 <tazjin> I intended to do that during my vacation, but it was cancelled so that didn't work out ;P
23:38:49 <stepkut> no worries
23:39:27 <stepkut> should I say, 'tazjin' or 'Vincent Ambo' in the email?
23:39:47 <tazjin> Hrm, I think I'm most comfortable with just Vincent
23:39:50 <tazjin> do as you please ;P
23:39:53 <donri> tazjin: you can sometimes get rid of some of those with jmacro
23:40:28 <tazjin> donri: Not worth adding an extra library for a simple event function on a JQuery autocomplete field ;P
23:40:55 <donri> i disagree :) but hey, your thing
23:41:40 <donri> (mostly because jmacro gives you more compile-time checking)
23:42:13 <tazjin> If I did more than just this small function I'd consider this, but this is not something that will I will touch again in the foreseeable future ;P
23:43:04 <donri> :)
23:45:56 <stepkut> thanks! email sent!
23:46:04 <tazjin> stepkut: We should found some kind of support group for emotionally troubled JS users
23:46:47 <tazjin> Just sitting in a dimly lit room and complaining about Javascript, kinda like in Fight Club
23:47:04 <tazjin> Saw the mail, thanks for spreading the word ;P
23:48:47 <donri> first rule of js club, you don't talk about weak typing
23:49:42 <tazjin> Personally I feel like "weak typing" is somewhat of an understatement
23:49:46 <tazjin> it's more like "no typing"
23:51:03 <donri> that's dynamic vs static typing though
23:51:15 <donri> weak vs strong is about things like automatic coercion
23:54:42 <donri> http://bonsaiden.github.com/JavaScript-Garden/ is fun
23:56:50 <tazjin> Do you know the "Wat" talk?
23:57:28 <donri> sure