04:02:21 <stepcut> ooh, Jon Harrop claims on twitter that I faked HAppS LLC
04:02:38 <stepcut> I've never been accused of starting a fake company before!
04:07:03 <stepcut> alpounet: don't waste your time with jon harrop.. he has been trolling Haskell for years
04:09:03 <stepcut> and everyone else
04:09:09 <stepcut> google, jon harrop troll
07:09:24 <Lemmih> stepcut: Hah.
07:32:34 <balor> I've got a trivial issue with the toMessage example in the docs http://hpaste.org/69728 Is it simply the case that my cabal installed bytestring has foobared?
08:23:25 <alpounet> stepcut, don't worry, i know him, i actually contributed a bit to his HLVM project
08:23:46 <alpounet> back in my OCaml period
09:13:15 <alpounet> stepkut, where does ircbot log, by default?
15:00:18 <stepkut> alpounet: nowhere. You pass in 'Maybe FilePath'. If you give it 'Nothing' then no logging is peformed. Or you give it 'Just dir' and the logs are written in that directory
15:00:57 <alpounet> ok
15:02:39 <alpounet> stepkut, getBotConf requires a Maybe (Chan Message -> IO ()) function
18:37:50 <cemycc> Someone can give me a example how can I use expireCookie function ?
18:40:12 <donri> just call it with the name of your cookie in a handler
18:44:46 <stepcut> alpounet: right. you partially parameterize, posixLogger :: Maybe FilePath -> String -> Chan Message -> IO ()
18:46:36 <stepcut> Oh.. I've been hacking on the happstack, all the live long day..
18:51:49 <donri> :)
19:10:18 <stepcut> this sub-reddit is almost as popular as /r/haskell, http://www.reddit.com/r/picturesofiansleeping
19:14:11 <cemycc> I am trying to install ixset and I get this error: cabal: Couldn't read cabal file "ixset\\1.0.3\\ixset.cabal"
19:20:44 <donri> cemycc: upgrade cabal-install or try ixset 1.0.2
19:21:05 <donri> though i think that problem infects your cabal environment so may need to clean some things out for the second option
19:21:52 <donri> stepcut: tried to parse that as "picture sofia[n] sleeping"
19:21:53 <stepcut> cemycc: via, 'cabal install ixset' ?
19:22:14 <stepcut> donri: that would make almost as much sense as the real thing..
19:31:49 <cemycc> stepcut, yes
19:32:31 <stepcut> cemycc: sounds like a cabal bug of some sorts :-/
19:32:56 <cemycc> i understood
19:33:36 <stepcut> this sounds related, http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/hackage/ticket/714
19:34:40 <stepcut> http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/hackage/ticket/419
19:34:58 <stepcut> what does, cabal -V, report?
19:35:26 <stepcut> ooo
19:35:37 <stepcut> I bet it is because we ixset.cabal has that tests stuff in it
19:35:56 <cemycc> cabal-install version 0.10.2
19:36:04 <cemycc> i have upgrade it now but the same
19:36:12 <cemycc> how can I install ixset 1.0.2 ?
19:36:36 <stepcut> one moment
19:41:41 <stepcut> ok, do, cabal update, and try again
19:43:34 <cemycc> ok
19:44:48 <cemycc> hmm, same problem: cabal: Couldn't read cabal file "ixset\\1.0.3\\ixset.cabal"
19:45:00 <cemycc> I have updated the package list
19:46:36 <stepcut> 1.0.4 should be available...
19:46:48 <stepcut> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/ixset-1.0.4
19:48:36 <cemycc> stepcut, using this command: cabal install ixset-1.0.4 i get the same error
19:48:49 <stepcut> but, it says 1.0.4 in the error message?
19:49:26 <cemycc> stepcut, nop 1.0.3
19:49:33 <cemycc> nop, it says 1.0.3
19:49:36 <stepcut> :-/
19:49:39 <stepcut> that makes no sense
19:50:03 <stepcut> trying running cabal update again, perhaps it was too soon
19:50:16 <cemycc> http://codepad.org/X7E3EZyJ
19:50:19 <cemycc> ok
19:50:34 <cemycc> maybe they have a cache system or something like that
19:56:38 <stepcut> crazy
19:57:32 <stepcut> maybe you need to remove the, ~/.cabal/packages/hackage.haskell.org/ixset/1.0.3, directory
19:57:37 <stepcut> not quite sure where ~ is on windows
19:57:55 <stepcut> but, perhaps it is still trying to read that .cabal file just because it is there
20:03:44 <donri> as i said, that error persists in some cabal environment directory
20:04:01 <donri> cemycc: you need like, cabal install cabal-install-1.14.0
20:04:11 <donri> or it won't get the latest version
20:04:22 <donri> cabal install cabal-install-0.14.0
20:05:05 <cemycc> stepcut, i am trying to find that folder now, needs to be somewhere on the user personal folder
20:05:19 <stepcut> yeah
20:05:22 <cemycc> donri, i was writing: cabal install cabal-install
20:05:30 <donri> cemycc: yea that's not enough
20:05:40 <donri> don't ask me why :)
20:05:45 <cemycc> :)
20:06:41 <stepcut> cemycc: run cabal --help
20:06:47 <stepcut> the last line might be something like:
20:06:53 <stepcut> You can edit the cabal configuration file to set defaults:
20:06:54 <stepcut>   /home/stepcut/.cabal/config
20:12:20 <cemycc> oh,yep. thanks
20:17:37 <cemycc> hmm there is no directory ixset
20:17:54 <cemycc> there are folders only for the packages that i have installed them
20:20:14 <cemycc> strange, even for the 1.0.2 version i get the error message with 1.0.3
20:21:28 <stepcut> this is really odd
20:21:44 <stepcut> you might need to ask on #hackage, though it could take a while to get a response
20:22:02 <stepcut> does -v add any useful information?
20:25:40 <cemycc> strange, on cabal -v i get: cabal-install version 0.10.2 but i have installed the 0.14.0 version
20:26:34 <stepcut> the new version you installed is probably in ~/.cabal/bin/, so you might have to give an explicit path to it, or chang your PATH variable
22:58:56 <cemycc> now is working, if I install it with the last version there is no problem.
22:58:57 <cemycc> :)
22:59:40 <stepcut> sweet!
23:35:40 <donri> ACTION spends hours trying to make an XMLGen for HXT and gives up by doing (readString . renderXML) instead
23:35:56 <donri> also, my head hurts
23:38:13 <stepcut> heh
23:38:25 <stepcut> HXT or XMLGen alone can be enough to do that
23:41:21 <donri> and ambitiously i also tried to do it using ArrowMonad, which i'm not even sure is possible
23:41:29 <donri> couldn't get types to match
23:47:32 <stepcut> heh