00:00:39 <donri> we should add something similar to http://lamsonproject.org/ to the "stack"
00:01:05 <donri> is that what the happs smtp stuff was, basically?
00:02:06 <stepkut> could be
00:02:14 <stepkut> I don't think it ever got very far
00:04:13 <donri> something like lamson would be nice for email *interaction* (as opposed to plain notification), such as commenting on a website by responding to some email etc
00:05:03 <stepkut> yeah
00:05:17 <donri> + lamson works without an smtp server or any external MTA, and makes it easier to write tests or work in development mode
00:05:35 <stepkut> neat
00:05:43 <alpounet> stepkut, hmm, would be cool to have an alternative to the Makefile for clckwrks install on windows i think
00:05:57 <stepkut> alpounet: it would be nice to not have a Makefile at all
00:06:05 <stepkut> alpounet: I am really not sure what to do about the javascript dependencies
00:06:06 <donri> it would be nice to not have windows at all
00:06:18 <stepkut> alpounet: they are not even build dependencies, only runtime dependencies
00:06:22 <stepkut> donri: that too
00:07:28 <alpounet> yeah, let's talk about that the day distros support all common microphones out of the box
00:07:52 <alpounet> could get the last two i had (original microphones from my last two laptops) to work
00:07:59 <donri> nah, let's just say it's the hardware vendor's fault and call it a day
00:08:29 <alpounet> yeah, still, saying that doesn't get my voice through people i wanna talk to through skype
00:08:37 <alpounet> :P
00:09:14 <donri> mic not working in the OS and not working in skype is two different things
00:09:16 <alpounet> stepkut, a tiny haskell script could do it
00:09:26 <alpounet> then you're just a runhaskell away from having them
00:09:30 <stepkut> alpounet: sure
00:09:35 <donri> last i tried, skype used some horrible code for talking directly to the sound card rather than use standard apis
00:09:42 <stepkut> alpounet: I'd happily take a patch that did that
00:09:46 <donri> skype 4.0 is now released for linux though, duno if that helps?
00:09:49 <alpounet> donri, it wasn't skype's fault there
00:10:23 <alpounet> i had skype bug me with a mic that was recognized by the OS before though
00:11:29 <donri> if this was a few years ago, pulseaudio used to suck but now mostly not
00:12:18 <alpounet> the time it was skype's fault? yeah, probably 3 years ago or smth
00:12:27 <alpounet> anyway, just got my hand on a new laptop
00:12:28 <stepkut> linux has only been around for 20 years.. you can't expect them to get sound working right away
00:12:39 <alpounet> will see how it goes with this one
00:12:54 <donri> both times
00:13:08 <stepkut> 'git: from the people that brought you sound in linux'
00:13:11 <stepkut> ;)
00:13:47 <alpounet> hah
00:13:49 <stepkut> also, my linux laptop just kernel panic'd a few minutes ago.. hence my disconnection
00:13:56 <donri> well, again, the issues that have been have usually been either hardware vendor's fault or ubuntu misconfiguring pulseaudio
00:14:12 <donri> atleast IME
00:14:21 <alpounet> stepkut, alright, will try to hack something up only using platform
00:14:30 <stepkut> alpounet: epic!
00:14:36 <donri> alpounet: screw platform, needs moar conduits
00:14:44 <alpounet> hah
00:14:47 <stepkut> donri: needs more pipes
00:14:59 <alpounet> hahaha
00:15:11 <alpounet> stepkut, "pipes" is French for blowjobs
00:15:20 <donri> i'm going to port git to conduit i think
00:15:28 <stepkut> donri: tekmo is turning conduits into pipes anyway :)
00:15:31 <alpounet> was quite funny :p
00:15:40 <donri> stepkut: only superficially :p
00:15:52 <stepkut> ACTION is calling his IO library blowjobs
00:16:00 <stepkut> that's french for pipes ya know
00:16:07 <donri> ^_^
00:16:48 <donri> someone was downvoted a lot on reddit for trying to poke fun at chrisdone's "hj" library
00:16:57 <donri> no one understood what was supposed to be funny about the name
00:17:14 <donri> apparently the commenter associated "hj" with "handjob"
00:18:24 <donri> i wonder if "fj" is read as "footjob" by anyone
00:18:53 <stepkut> rj?
00:19:18 <donri> rimjob cumshot... *rimshot*
00:19:24 <donri> (this is why we log #happs)
00:19:54 <stepkut> #happs-blah
00:20:31 <donri> #dirty-happsry
00:21:25 <stepkut> going to make a happstack irregular news #2 release on wednesday. Now I have some good quotes to put in it
00:21:36 <donri> :D
00:24:00 <donri> hm is there an inverse of liftRouteT
00:24:18 <stepkut> what would the type be ?
00:24:30 <donri> no idea
00:24:43 <donri> i need to nestURL in a MonadRoute that's not RouteT
00:25:08 <donri> (but might stack RouteT)
00:25:55 <stepkut> this might be one of the things that needs to be fixed in web-routes
00:26:10 <donri> yes it is, was just considering if it could be hacked around for now
00:26:28 <donri> currently it means you can't use the web-routes support in happstack-yui with a newtype
00:26:47 <donri> and without a newtype, RouteT must be the outermost transformer
00:27:00 <stepkut> i think you need to define a custom nestURL-like function
00:27:07 <stepkut> that appears to be what I did in clckwrks for now
00:27:27 <stepkut> these are some of the issues related to plugins that need sorting out
00:27:38 <donri> yes please, sort away :)
00:28:09 <stepkut> step 1 is to make the blog part of clckwrks usuable (almost there), step 2 is to address some minor issues with acid-state, and then maybe the plugins stuff
00:28:24 <stepkut> while also doing work on Happstack 8 :p
00:28:35 <stepkut> so.. if you guys want to submit some patches.. that would be great ;)
00:29:57 <donri> in this particular case, i don't understand well enough how to fix it
00:30:12 <stepkut> fortunately, alpounet found someone to work on scoutess for us :)
00:30:38 <alpounet> yeah
00:30:51 <alpounet> a blog post and some lurking on IRC, and it was done
00:31:24 <donri> the gsoc student?
01:15:29 <alpounet> yeah
01:53:07 <alpounet> stepkut, uh, the HTTP package doesn't support HTTPS.... so basically that keeps me from getting json2.js
02:21:24 <alpounet> well anyway, cabal-install'ing clckwrks... will continue tomorrow :p night here
03:03:11 <donri> heh http://gigaom.com/cloud/ex-facebookers-launch-memsql-to-make-your-database-fly/
03:36:17 <stepkut> alpounet: http://ajax.cdnjs.com/ajax/libs/json2/20110223/json2.js perhaps?
03:37:37 <stepkut> it would be nice to get all the js things we depend on on a CDN, and then we could use that as the default location unless you override it
03:37:52 <stepkut> json2 and jquery are probably available, but jstree is not yet
03:38:02 <stepkut> though, maybe we can find an alternative to jstree.. I am not commited to it
09:00:54 <alpounet> stepkut, if the link you gave is what you want/need in clckwrks, then it should be fine :)
09:02:01 <alpounet> stepkut, also, when cabal install'ing clckwrks, i get:
09:02:01 <alpounet> Clckwrks\Acid.hs:16:37:
09:02:01 <alpounet>     Module `Network' does not export `PortID(UnixSocket)'
09:28:43 <alpounet> grah, no one commented on neither of David's blog posts
09:28:58 <alpounet> and then they pretend that it's fundamental that the gsoc students publish blog posts about what they do
12:34:42 <alpounet> stepkut, also, what should i do for the call to unzip? the only solution i see is using zip-archive, which 1/ forces the user to cabal install it before installing clckwrks 2/ has a weird API 3/ has been criticized a bit on SO apparently. should i go ahead and use it anyway?
12:35:17 <alpounet> OR, i see here: https://github.com/vakata/jstree#readme that jstree is provided with only one .js file, no archive. can't we use that?
12:58:26 <alpounet> i think this will end up in me driving crazy and writing a zip/unzip lib
13:47:56 <alpounet> stepkut, re. UnixSocket not being exported, that's ofc because i tried to install clckwrks on windows. not sure how much you want clckwrks to work on windows, since there might not be any interested user willing to make it run on windows. i'm just noticing here :P
13:59:37 <alpounet> or maybe i should just use zip-archive's "Zip.hs" example...
15:57:43 <stepkut> alpounet: the use of UnixSocket is very limited, we could do something different on Windows.. or perhaps everywhere
15:58:43 <alpounet> well im not sure of what that piece of code is doing so...
16:05:11 <stepkut> the command-line app needs some way to talk to the server
16:05:36 <stepkut> right now it just does it over a file-socket so that you can use unix permissions to control who has access
16:05:44 <stepkut> all the cli does right now is set the first admin user
16:06:03 <stepkut> on windows, it could listen over loopback instead
16:06:09 <stepkut> for now anyway
16:10:48 <alpounet> i'll just let you fix that :p
16:12:03 <stepkut> :(
16:12:19 <stepkut> should be easy.. UnixSocket is just an alternative to PortID
16:13:11 <stepkut> just need #ifdef for windows that creates a looback socket instead of UnixSocket and the rest is the same
16:13:32 <alpounet> ACTION whistles
16:13:33 <stepkut> the cli might need a small change so that it can take a path or a socket number as well
16:13:41 <alpounet> i don't have any clue as to how to do that kind of thing
16:18:57 <stepkut> http://www.clckwrks.com/B/ViewBug/14
16:33:29 <alpounet> ok
18:52:09 <donri> stepcut: question about plugins on cafe