16:38:10 <donri> stepcut: maybe instead of renaming ServerPart to Server, instead rename to Web or WebServer? an app might have more server components than http
16:38:45 <donri> similarly BotPart to Bot... we wouldn't call those "Client" :P
16:39:14 <donri> technically i suppose an app might have more bots than just IRC (for example twitter)
17:39:27 <donri> stepcut: should we consider this for sendfile/happstack? http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/web-devel/2012/002481.html
17:39:46 <donri> "This trick ensures that both a header and a body is sent in a single TCP packet."
23:05:02 <donri> stepcut: how about providing lenses for Conf and BotConf?
23:05:25 <donri> and namespace them so e.g. port doesn't conflict between those two
23:09:26 <donri> i suppose i could handwrite the lenses i need