01:09:54 <stepcut> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQKKj_qeOBQ
01:13:32 <donri> \o/
01:13:43 <donri> all glory to stepcutoad
01:29:11 <donri> stepcut: have you read the monad reader issue 19 stuff about mighttpd?
01:29:23 <stepcut> not really
01:29:48 <donri> it talks a bit about sendfile and why they made their own simple-sendfile package
01:30:06 <donri> http://themonadreader.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/issue19.pdf
01:30:53 <donri> (and other things that might be interesting to zomg-scaling happstack 8)
01:31:13 <stepcut> it doesn't actually explain why they made their own instead of submitting a patch
01:31:22 <donri> yea, i was wondering about that
01:31:39 <donri> if they ever got in touch with you about it, and you had a reason for rejecting the idea
01:31:46 <donri> but i take it then they didn't even ask? :P
01:32:35 <stepcut> not that i recall
01:34:09 <donri> so, did you have fun
01:34:16 <donri> whatever you were doing these past few days
01:34:41 <stepcut> yup
01:34:54 <stepcut> but not much sleep
01:35:13 <stepcut> was up until the sun came up
01:35:25 <stepcut> I guess that is normal for you
01:35:52 <stepcut> I went to bed after the sun came up, but before freakeasy stopped playing music
01:36:13 <donri> let's just say it's 3:37 am here and i've yet to take my sleep meds
01:37:45 <stepcut> :)
01:42:20 <stepcut> anyway, it looks like the complaint (in part) perhaps is that in line 134 here, we get the length of the file,  and pass that to sendFile'', even though we could just pass in 0 and have sendfile figure that out ?
01:44:25 <stepcut> I didn't write the sendfile library.. nor do I like it much
01:46:08 <stepcut> the problem with simple-sendfile is that it provides no way to tickle the activity timers
01:46:23 <stepcut> so.. apparently, if you send a really big file with warp, it will get killed ?
01:47:14 <stepcut> that's why we don't use simple-sendfile is happstack..
01:47:23 <stepcut> but maybe there is some work-around that I am unaware of
01:54:27 <stepcut> got to experience the touchy douchess first hand this weekend
01:54:45 <stepcut> an interactive game that shots out a 30 flame if you win :)
01:54:56 <stepcut> you can feel it from pretty damn far away
01:55:32 <stepcut> here is some test footage from the prototype stages, http://vimeo.com/32389670
02:07:45 <stepcut> maybe 8 will use simple-sendfile. I would be glad to be done with sendfile
02:35:16 <donri> nice flame thrower
02:38:24 <donri> looks like simple-sendfile doesn't support windows natively? and that the fallback code depends on conduit
02:40:37 <stepcut> hmm
02:40:38 <stepcut> lame
02:41:15 <stepcut> anyway, this week is about acid-state not the http server
02:41:48 <donri> :)
02:44:09 <donri> i'm considering deprecating data-lens-ixset
02:44:25 <donri> it's far less useful/nice when made legal, AFAICS
02:44:35 <donri> and it's not that bad to do without it
02:47:56 <stepcut> k
02:48:50 <donri> it seems ixset is not nicely compatible with lenses
02:49:34 <donri> well, to be a lens itself i mean. it's quite easy to combine the two using %= and ^%=
02:50:44 <stepcut> ok
02:51:00 <donri> not 100% sure yet though :) and bedtime
02:52:21 <stepcut> yeah, bedtime here too
23:59:31 <donri> stepcut: i'm thinking the only sensible ixset lens is one that gives/sets the Set of entries for an index... is it useful at all, at that point=
23:59:32 <donri> ?
23:59:41 <donri> it might be possible to combine with setLens usefully ...