08:46:15 <Jeanne-Kamikaze> hi
09:59:14 <Jeanne-Kamikaze> I think there's a typo here http://www.happstack.com/docs/happstack-server-7.0.2/doc/html/happstack-server/Happstack-Server-SimpleHTTP.html#v:simpleHTTPWithSocket
09:59:32 <Jeanne-Kamikaze> simpleHTTPWithSocket has type ToMessage a => Socket -> Conf -> ServerPartT IO a -> IO ()
09:59:43 <Jeanne-Kamikaze> but it's being called with simpleHTTPWithSocket socket Nothing conf impl
09:59:51 <Jeanne-Kamikaze> i.e. the Nothing shouldn't be there
12:28:15 <Jeanne-Kamikaze> may I steal the happstack logo and put it on my site ?
12:56:09 <Igloo> Hi all
12:56:53 <Igloo> Am I right in thinking that the docs for 'lookRead' are out of date, as it no longer uses Read?
12:57:38 <Igloo> And is there a reason that there isn't a FromReqURI instance for Method?
13:07:51 <donri> right, Read isn't very useful for things that are already string-like
13:07:58 <donri> why do you need FromReqURI Method?
13:08:41 <Igloo> Right now I have no idea, but hackage2 fails to build because it's missing  :-)
13:08:52 <donri> weird
13:20:11 <donri> looks like it wants happstack-server == 6.5.* where FromReqURI is already introduced
13:20:17 <donri> so, "shouldn't happen" :)
13:20:34 <donri> or rather, whoever wrote that constraint should have gotten the error as well
13:21:37 <Igloo> donri: Oh, I'm updating it to use happs 7
13:21:45 <donri> Igloo: https://github.com/isomorphism/hackage2/commit/07a9dc77fe25b8afbc76507280493598dcd544eb
13:21:47 <donri> oh
13:22:43 <donri> that commit might suggest a fix for your case as well though
13:37:52 <Igloo> Hmm, ta
14:56:00 <stepcut> Igloo: lookRead currently does not use Read because it is unsafe to use on Integral values in ghc < 7.4.2
14:56:36 <stepcut> Igloo: I have a patch for hackage2 that updates to the latest everything. I can send that
14:58:05 <Igloo> stepcut: Ah, I too now have such a patch  :-)
14:59:00 <stepcut> they should fight to the death then!
14:59:27 <stepcut> I just made mine a few days ago, I guess I should have sent it in
14:59:41 <stepcut> I used checkRq and unsafeReadRq for Method btw
15:24:47 <stepkut> Igloo: I emailed you and dcoutts a copy of my patch
15:25:54 <Igloo> stepcut: ta
20:24:39 <donri> stepcut: hey this sugarhaskell stuff might be interesting for hsx
20:25:06 <donri> http://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/vtie8/sugarhaskell_language_extensions_in_sugar/c57slj3
23:17:13 <stepkut> donri: yeah, I only glanced at it briefly, but wondered the same thing
23:21:13 <donri> bedtime