04:11:31 <hpaste> amop pasted “ixset index failure” at http://hpaste.org/71034
04:15:44 <amop> how does ixset decide which index to use if two have same type?
04:34:14 <amop> ACTION reads "really clever" insertMapOfSets
04:38:58 <donri> amop: indices shouldn't have the same type
04:39:52 <amop> i guessed that.  didn't spot a mention in docs.
04:40:18 <hpaste> donri annotated “ixset index failure” with “do something like this instead” at http://hpaste.org/71034#a71037
04:41:29 <amop> thanks, will try
04:41:57 <donri> or use newtype wrappers around the same types, when you actually want to distinguish the two
04:46:49 <amop> working now.  initialization check could catch this.
04:47:44 <donri> yea, ixset is known to be lacking in type safety; it's on the roadmap
23:01:32 <donri> stepcut: seen http://www.serpentine.com/blog/2010/03/03/whats-in-a-parser-attoparsec-rewired-2/ ?
23:01:56 <donri> or do you intend to write the parser with raw bytestring operations and rely on grammar testing for correctness?
23:32:23 <donri> hm is there any reliable way to check if an acidServer is running already?