16:02:57 <donri> is scheduleUpdate faster if you have to wait for all updates anyway? (command-line program for importing from xml)
16:33:27 <stepkut> i think it could be becauses it can maximize disk throughPut
16:34:07 <stepkut> normally the logging thread writes data to disk as soon as it can.. but scheduleUpdate will allow you to create bigger chunks?
16:34:22 <stepkut> not really sure.. I am aware that it exists, but haven't used / studied it much
16:51:40 <donri> i tried it and it was so fast it didn't even write anything. i guess i have to manually check and wait for the mvars. in the end, not sure it'll be much of an improvement in my case
16:52:13 <stepkut> didn't write anything?
16:53:07 <stepkut> ah right
16:53:19 <donri> well it's a cli program that itself exits after scheduling all the updates, and acid-state itself doesn't wait (that's the point of scheduling)
16:53:32 <stepkut> right
17:44:49 <donri> hm, is cereal slow? i get the feeling that reading a few megabytes of checkpoint is slower than even python was at similar tasks :P
17:45:26 <stepkut> donri: possibly.. it's on the TODO list
17:45:27 <donri> well ok python had a C lib for it
17:58:05 <stepkut> a number of people have gotten the feeling, but no one has yet presented any proof :)
23:13:26 <Igloo> Hmm, as far as I can see, Happstack.Server.HTTPClient.HTTP is neither used nor exposed by happstack-server-7.0.2. What's going on?
23:17:56 <donri> Igloo: docs on happstack.com build with some flag to show such things
23:18:24 <Igloo> to show what things?
23:18:37 <donri> unexposed internals
23:18:47 <Igloo> But why does the module exist?
23:19:14 <donri> maybe historical, duno
23:19:32 <donri> i think there's a lot of code that could be deleted from the repos (we have histories anyway, yea?)
23:34:09 <stepkut> Igloo: we should probably just remove it entirely.
23:35:27 <Igloo> sounds good
23:35:49 <Igloo> ACTION is using HTTP now, which seems to be a branch of the same code
23:47:21 <stepkut> yeah
23:47:35 <stepkut> I suspect someone just imported that code into HAppS a long time ago
23:56:21 <stepkut> done.