15:13:41 <donri> taking some 44 seconds to issue about 10k updates... didn't you measure something like 20k/s updates, stepcut?
15:13:54 <donri> or was that 200k even
15:16:30 <donri> weirdly it took about half that time just the other day, and no significant changes to code since :/
15:25:07 <donri> oh stupid filesystem indexing thingy running in the background ^_^
16:22:41 <donri> do the whole import in a single transaction; downside: no progress meter, upside: no need for progress meter. total import time cut from 44 seconds to 4 seconds. \o/
16:46:41 <stepcut> I got a huge amount of updates when issuing updates from a bunch of parallel threads
16:51:51 <donri> aha
16:52:11 <donri> i tried to forkIO but then it exited before finishing all threads i think
16:52:18 <donri> so would need to keep track of that myself?
16:57:02 <donri> "If you want the program to wait for child threads to finish before exiting, you need to program this yourself. A simple mechanism is to have each child thread write to an MVar when it completes, and have the main thread wait on all the MVars before exiting: [..]" yea
18:34:58 <donri> oh dear icfp looks pricey
18:35:07 <donri> i thought it being in denmark could make it feasible for me to go
18:56:59 <stepcut> yeah
18:57:34 <srhb> It's expensive? I thought I would kind of just show up.
18:57:40 <srhb> I guess that's a no :P
19:21:48 <mightybyte> Nope
19:22:00 <mightybyte> It's several hundred $ at the very least
19:22:21 <mightybyte> And if you go to the whole thing it's several thousand.
19:22:43 <mightybyte> Although you could probably just show up too. :)
19:23:17 <srhb> Oh well.