11:20:25 <Igloo> happs doesn't log anything that would tell me more about an internal server error, right?
11:21:00 <Igloo> (I got http://paste.debian.net/181647/ which I'm pretty sure is going to not be reproducible)
13:09:26 <dcoutts> Igloo: it can do, yes, it uses hlogger iirc, so you can turn up the verbosity on that
13:10:57 <Igloo> dcoutts: So it doesn't by default?
13:11:03 <Igloo> ACTION doesn't see any arguments relating to logging
13:11:30 <dcoutts> Igloo: hlogger is a bit evil, using global vars, so it's not visible in the happs api that it's using hlogger
13:11:41 <dcoutts> assuming it's still using hlogger
13:12:04 <Igloo> I mean commandline arguments
13:12:46 <dcoutts> right, there's no code in the app to poke holgger config
14:55:29 <donri> not sure if those hlogger logs show much for 500 error though?