13:37:34 <mekeor> so, i develop my happstack-program on my local computer. but i still don't know how to move it to the server most easily. the problem is that i can't access to my local computer from my server.
13:38:25 <mekeor> what'd you suggest?
13:39:28 <mekeor> can i "push" my local changes to the server, using darcs?
13:39:55 <mekeor> should i rather ask this in #darcs, actually?
13:42:17 <mekeor> okay, i'll ask there :)
14:06:26 <donri> mekeor: cabal sdist; scp dist/tar.gz
14:06:38 <donri> but sure darcs works too
14:06:43 <mekeor> and then extract=…
14:06:47 <mekeor> s/=/?/
14:06:55 <donri> i think you can simply cabal install tar.gz
14:07:00 <mekeor> yeah, i chose darcs =) :P
14:07:14 <mekeor> ah, that's nice, too, actually, yea. but darcs is better :P
14:08:03 <donri> especially if you push directly to the server... i once used bazaar and launchpad to deploy and open source site and it was a pain every time launchpad was down
14:11:02 <donri> nice thing about using cabal sdist is it's easy to set up ("just works" with SSH) and ensures your project is properly cabalized