08:18:16 <levi> stepcut: I am watching your screencast again now.  Didn't get very far last time.
17:14:12 <stepcut> levi: sorry it's so long :)
17:17:23 <stepcut> Palmik: I added some code to handle that type of issues with deriveSafeCopy before, but apparently there are other cases that still trigger it
17:18:09 <stepcut> Palmik: can you work around it for now by copying the generated code into your file and then adding the missing constraints
17:20:38 <stepcut> Palmik: http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/detail?id=229
17:23:47 <stepcut> I take it back.. I created a similar patch for acid-state
17:24:45 <stepcut> "TH: makeAcidic now supports context restrictions on type variables appearing in the state type. Add custom error message in makeEventHandler"
17:25:40 <stepcut> I updated the bug
18:26:23 <levi> stepcut: It would probably benefit from editing most of the CSS stuff out. There are plenty of resources out there for learning CSS.  But I thought it was really good despite the length.
18:27:05 <stepkut> cool
18:27:12 <stepkut> the css stuff did take a while
18:27:56 <stepkut> I could probably cut that. The most useful part is showing how to use the color picker in chrome
18:28:56 <levi> Sure, that is a cool bit, though not really happstack-relevant.
18:29:29 <stepkut> it is not happstack specific.. but it is relevant :)
18:30:16 <stepkut> so, one thing I am not sure on is the effectiveness of the video/live coding format, compared to just a blog post
18:30:19 <stepkut> any thoughts?
18:50:00 <levi> I think live coding is very effective, but as a supplement to written information.
18:51:05 <stepkut> right
18:51:09 <stepkut> I am working on the written part now
18:52:00 <stepkut> then I can officially announce it
20:05:49 <stepkut> added pages slugs to clckwrks :)
20:05:53 <stepkut> since alpounet_ lost his version :(
20:31:37 <levi> So, it turns out the HXT library does everything I was interested in relating to DOM stuff.
20:33:21 <levi> I wonder how difficult it would be to get the HSP XML syntax to play nicely with HXT.
22:14:51 <stepkut> levi: donri already did that I believe (HXT + HSP)
22:44:55 <levi> Ah, cool.
22:45:50 <levi> I really like what you can do with HXT and HandsomeSoup
22:46:46 <stepkut> nice.. I look forward to your screencast :p
22:47:28 <levi> Heh.  I need a lot more coding time in Haskell before I'll be comfortable making a screencast with it.
22:48:37 <levi> http://adit.io/posts/2012-04-14-working_with_HTML_in_haskell.html