11:25:18 <Palmik> Hmm, what could be causing this error "Server error: lookInput formname failed because the request body has not been decoded yet. Try using 'decodeBody' to decode the body. Or the 'queryString' filter to ignore the body." when I submit the form?
12:20:58 <Palmik> I'm using the reform function which does not seem to even call lookInput directly, but uses look instead (at least if the docs are up to date).
12:21:17 <Palmik> but it uses the "formname" identifier.
12:32:23 <Palmik> If I use reformSingle, I get this error instead "Server error: lookInput reform-csrf failed because the request body has not been decoded yet. Try using 'decodeBody' to decode the body. Or the 'queryString' filter to ignore the body." but lookInput is not even imported in the Text.Reform.Happstack module, weird.
13:19:16 <Palmik> Hmm, I still have not located the source, here is snipped of the code http://hpaste.org/73053, maybe it's something trivial I'm overlooking (Form is just a type synonym for Happstacks Form with fixied view and error types).
13:19:47 <stepcut> are you calling 'decodeBody' ?
13:23:57 <Palmik> Hmm, yes, that will probably be it. :D
13:26:13 <Palmik> I know it's even suggested in the error, but I thought that it refers to some internals and now I see that it's used in the main from crashcourse, I missed that. Sorry and thanks. :)
13:33:58 <stepkut> no problem. I could perhaps make the error message clearer on that.
13:43:11 <stepkut> I could, for example, include a link to crash course :)
15:04:30 <Palmik> Hmm, what is the standard way to read request headers?
15:11:46 <mekeor> (the link to the logs was dead.)
15:15:49 <mekeor> ACTION is stupid
15:20:31 <mekeor> so, as always, i'm again getting this "No instance for (FilterMonad Response m0) arising from a use of `ok'" error when i type "cabal install" but to my shame i forgot how to fix it. :(  i have two versions of happstack-server installed but in my .cabal-file, i specified "happstack-server ==7.0.4".  so, how do i fix it?
15:21:41 <mekeor> (cabal-dev install doesn't work either, with the same error. (but i'm trying it again, at the moment.))
15:23:00 <Palmik> Con you show us the type signature of the function where you call ok?
15:23:11 <Palmik> Perhaps it's just a matter of missing context
15:23:27 <mekeor> okay, second...
15:24:37 <mekeor> Palmik: i'm doing "ok $ toResponse $ H.docTypeHtml".
15:25:06 <mekeor> oh, wait.
15:25:52 <stepcut> Palmik: believe you want to use askRq to get the Request and then getHeader / getHeaderBS / etc, from here, http://www.happstack.com/docs/happstack-server-7.0.2/doc/html/happstack-server/Happstack-Server-Types.html
15:26:00 <stepcut> like, getHeader "some-header" <$> askRq
15:26:27 <mekeor> Palmik: oh, i'm sorry to have interrupted the discussion of your question...
15:26:33 <Palmik> Ahh, I looked in RqData, not in Types submodule, thanks. .)
15:27:19 <mekeor> yeah, so "ok $ toResponse $ H.docTypeHtml" is causing the error.
15:27:20 <Palmik> mekeor, no reason to apologize. To resolve your question, it would be great if you showed us the type signature of the function where you call the ok. :)
15:27:52 <Palmik> Because it just seems to be a matter of missing constraint from the context of the function.
15:28:05 <Palmik> So the tetx after :: is relevant.
15:28:48 <mekeor> docTypeHtml :: Html;  toRespone :: ToMessage a => a -> Response;  ok :: FilterMonad Response m => a -> m a;
15:29:17 <Palmik> Not the signature of the used functions, but the function where you use the ok.
15:29:22 <mekeor> Palmik: i really think this is not an issue with the code itself but with cabal and multiple versions of packages etc...
15:29:30 <mekeor> Palmik: AH
15:30:15 <Palmik> The snipped itself is OK, but it requires certain contexts to work (such as the FilterMonad context).
15:30:26 <mekeor> function :: SomeCustomDataType -> ServerPart Response; function = do { ...; ok $ toResponse $ H.docTypeHtml $ ... }
15:31:10 <mekeor> erm, i mean "function x = do { ...." sorry.
15:32:22 <Palmik> ServerPart (which is just ServerPartT IO) should have an instance of FilterMonad Response, wierd.
15:36:11 <Palmik> Hmm, the error also says "(FilterMonad Response m0)" so is the "ok" usage part of some where binding by any chance?
15:40:30 <donri> hm, breaking all the links isn't good :( could we restore the old URLs for now and then support them after boomerang routes are added?
15:44:02 <mekeor> Palmik: nope, it's not in a where-binding. it's in the do-block.
15:47:34 <mekeor> oh, wow.
15:47:52 <mekeor> i just had to change a (++) into a T.append an the error disappeared!
15:48:12 <mekeor> thank you anway, Palmik :)
15:48:22 <luite> you can use <> instead
15:48:25 <donri> stepcut: vendor prefixes: have a single BorderRadius and render with prefixes; have prefixed variants of BorderRadius in the AST with helper function for setting all?
15:48:26 <mekeor> oO
15:48:32 <mekeor> luite: from which module?
15:48:36 <mekeor> Text?
15:48:36 <donri> mekeor: Data.Monoid
15:48:39 <luite> if you have a recent ghc, (<>) = mappend, from Data.Monoid
15:48:47 <mekeor> neat
15:49:25 <mekeor> cool
15:49:53 <mekeor> thanks
15:51:54 <donri> oh hey hackage is up again
15:52:11 <mekeor> yay, finally!
15:53:05 <Palmik> Not for me. I was able to access it a few times today, but only for a short while.
16:04:37 <luite> i htink i'm going to add a script to mirror all haddocks as well
17:41:31 <mekeor> luite: wow, that'd be so awesome! O_O
23:31:09 <donri> heh, epiphany is the only browser i have that renders the animation example correctly: http://thoughtbot.com/bourbon/