00:00:52 <stepkut> perhaps.. or perhaps will have to constantly think about them in order to make the type checker happy
00:01:16 <donri> well, i'm not disallowing anything that's valid
00:03:47 <donri> once i have something complete-ish i plan to port some reusable stylesheets (like reset/normalize) to see how well it works, and then include those in some module
00:04:25 <stepkut> neat
00:10:29 <donri> so no idea on how to do those size types?
00:17:30 <stepcut> donri: not with out making it annoying
00:20:28 <donri> well i already have loads of specialized value types so it wouldn't be that much *more* annoying
00:20:44 <donri> but just thought i'd ask, in case there was some type hackery i wasn't aware of :)
00:22:12 <donri> o O ( playing klondike triggers the same sense for color mismatch as type errors do ... )
01:16:19 <donri> stepcut: i had an idea: have like a GridConfig in a Reader and then render properties based on that. css grids with no unsemantic markup, no global variables, no function/"mixin" arguments.
01:16:44 <donri> not revolutionary, but evolutionary ;)
01:17:23 <stepkut> interesting
01:22:07 <donri> still not sure if grids fit the web medium or not, but still interesting if patterns like that emerge
01:23:15 <stepkut> yeah
09:32:02 <levi> Grids are all the rage these days.  They actually work really well, especially when combined with CSS media selectors.
19:27:00 <zzing___> Bonjour mes amis
19:53:10 <donri> benvenite mi amigo
19:54:27 <zzing___> got rid of my /usr/local ghc stuff except for the libraries installed outside of the ports, hopefully my server is nice and statically linked so it cannot restart of it goes down
20:30:00 <stepkut> nice
20:33:18 <zzing___> Having trouble with this thing perpetually not being able to figure out that iconv is in /usr/local/lib
20:37:12 <zzing___> cabal is starting to frustrate me in its inability to follow the configurations I tell it to
20:40:43 <zzing___> ok, now I will install clockwork's dependencies, and I think global would be useful here
21:29:27 <stepkut> cabal is frustrating.. but pre-cabal was way worse :)
21:35:32 <zzing___> I should try some cabal-dev now
21:35:44 <zzing___> I should pull new stuff for clckwrks
21:36:09 <zzing___> What is the best way to pull stuff being that I have the source already?
21:46:47 <donri> darcs pull?
21:47:59 <zzing___> I thought I might have modified something so I decided just to do a fresh install and get everything with cabal-dev
22:25:06 <zzing___> It appears after installing all of clckwrks with cabal-dev, then trying to do a cabal-dev ghci it says "<command line>: cannot satisfy -package-id acid-state-0.6.6-06a733613f7d07864fb76c11c2577723"