02:02:38 <zzing> good evening
02:04:10 <rlpowell> Is happstack-authenticate the right starting point for auth these days?
02:05:01 <donri> rlpowell: should be, but haven't used it myself
02:05:11 <rlpowell> *nod*
03:36:01 <stepkut> rlpowell: it is the best developed, but it could use a bit more love still
05:55:54 <astropirate> Is happs and happstack the same thing?
05:59:20 <astropirate> also, happs sounds like an STD :(
06:01:15 <the_phantm_menac> hey
06:01:22 <the_phantm_menac> anyone alive?
06:05:10 <rlpowell> < astropirate> Is happs and happstack the same thing? -- IIUC, happstack is the successor to happs.
06:05:56 <astropirate> Ahh I see. Thanks rlpowell
06:06:45 <astropirate> I'm *VERY* new to haskell. Is there much freelancing market around these parts?
06:07:20 <astropirate> I mostly do Node.js freelance work these days... but i'm bored of node.js
06:08:20 <rlpowell> No idea about the job market, sorry.
06:13:21 <the_phantm_menac> can u easily make dynamic sites with node.js?
06:13:42 <the_phantm_menac> the prevayler ish bits of happstack  mcacid?
06:13:46 <the_phantm_menac> seem awesome
06:16:18 <astropirate> the_phantm_menac, dynamic content is where node.js shines really
06:16:29 <astropirate> sane developers use something like nginx for static file serving
06:17:17 <the_phantm_menac> can you do blogs n stuff?
06:17:28 <the_phantm_menac> I would love to make a forum like getbig.com forums
06:18:28 <the_phantm_menac> I know not much @ programming.
06:18:35 <the_phantm_menac> I found the haskell wikibook...
06:22:40 <Lemmih> stepcut: Thanks for the announcement.
14:19:23 <zzing> stepkut, are you here now?
14:19:34 <stepcut> yup
14:19:36 <stepcut> for a little
14:19:49 <zzing> I just found an interesting bug
14:20:07 <stepcut> oh ?
14:20:25 <zzing> I was creating a page and didn't notice a character in it, I have to find out what character code it is, but it caused the page to cut off after that in rendering
14:20:45 <stepcut> :-/
14:21:08 <zzing> \0xFFFC3
14:21:20 <zzing> This time I can probably send you the document
14:21:31 <stepcut> what sort of character is that ?
14:21:46 <zzing> That looks like a UTF-32 character
14:24:29 <zzing> It looks like private use area
14:27:12 <stepcut> i see
14:27:14 <stepcut> sounds suspicious
14:27:20 <stepcut> not really sure what we should be doing there..
14:29:26 <zzing> It should just pass through IMO
14:32:41 <zzing> actually, sorry it is OBJECT REPLACEMENT CHARACTER
14:32:41 <zzing> • used as placeholder in text for an otherwise unspecified object
14:34:01 <zzing> If we improve the editor we can include some nice things like 'zap gremlins' :-)
14:36:05 <stepcut> for now I would suggest… "don't do that" ?
14:39:48 <zzing> I did it in TextEdit without checking for unicode stuff
16:48:40 <rlpowell> 23-07:31 <       zzing> It should just pass through IMO -- I disagree, actually.
16:49:06 <rlpowell> Random arbitrary bits can do random arbitrary things on the recipient end, in my experience as a sysadmin.
16:49:43 <rlpowell> I strongly prefer that web systems are "whitelist only" when in comes to characters they'll pass without molestation.
16:50:22 <rlpowell> stepcut: ^^
17:37:58 <stepcut> we use sanitizeXSS for user submitted content.. but for admins we allow them free reign
17:38:11 <stepcut> sanitizeXSS is whitelist
17:38:21 <rlpowell> Coo'.
19:03:31 <rabikaaan> happs!! there is hope for the rebellion agaisnt ruby n java n oracle!!
19:03:33 <rabikaaan> yesss
19:08:06 <srhb> :-)
19:10:44 <stepkut> :)
19:10:50 <stepkut> off to burning man, bbl.
19:13:35 <rabikaane> ha
19:13:54 <rabikaane> I love the idea that I can skip SQL db
19:14:02 <rabikaane> skip tuby and jaba
19:14:09 <rabikaane> use the hask
19:14:12 <rabikaane> and do the task
19:14:19 <rabikaane> awesome stuff!!!
19:14:22 <rabikaane> just awesome!!
19:19:46 <rabikaane> yehaheahe!!
19:28:15 <rabikaane> oracle and microsoft and ibm obsolete
19:28:19 <rabikaane> redo all with happs
19:28:20 <rabikaane> whats wrong withthese morons
19:28:54 <rabikaane> when i meet a solaris admin i just kick him in the nuts
19:28:55 <rabikaane> saves time
20:05:24 <luksow> i'm developing webapp using heist as template backend, for route like /admin/entity/edit/10 i want to have edit page (avail in /admin/entity/edit.tpl) displayed for entity of id = 10, should I simply handle it separately aside from templateServe or is there another smart way of doing it?