11:36:05 <Palmik> Hi guys, is it somehow possible to get the "current" route with web-routes?
11:40:55 <donri> i think RouteT doesn't currently support that directly
11:41:00 <donri> and that it's a planned feature
11:43:42 <donri> however if you have your Site available you could use askRq and runSite
11:44:17 <donri> or maybe not, hm
11:44:28 <donri> runSite gives you a handler, not a URL
11:45:55 <donri> guess you'd have to work directly with your PathInfo or boomerang Router
13:54:24 <Palmik> OK, thanks.
19:17:03 <wferi> Hi! I'm trying to bootstrap clckwrks, but it depends on acid-state==0.7.* while happstack-authenticate depends on acid-state==0.6.*, which gives a conflict.
19:18:02 <wferi> hmm, maybe if I installed happstack-authenticate from Darcs...
19:20:27 <wferi> Finished getting.
19:20:27 <wferi> darcs: /home/wferi/.darcs/cache/patches/0000000429-b75993538b135a39536bba5358573f5fdd34661362e45ba3e5b9c3f781bc9929-new_755148b81bb37ee589a93687b8099b25: getSymbolicLinkStatus: does not exist (No such file or directory)
20:11:24 <chaotic_good> :)
20:52:55 <donri> ohai
21:40:21 <chaotic_good> happs!! oh yeah!!
21:59:09 <chaotic_good> anyone care to show off thier happs powered site?
21:59:14 <chaotic_good> love to take a looksee
22:07:46 <donri> chaotic_good: i threw together https://github.com/dag/happaste for learning
22:08:53 <chaotic_good> easy to use?
22:09:21 <chaotic_good> damn google is making thier stuff incompat with opera
22:09:24 <chaotic_good> basatrds
22:09:30 <chaotic_good> javacritpt all jacked
22:09:32 <chaotic_good> leme open fox
23:21:30 <chaotic_good> hmm