08:06:19 <chaotic_good> happs!!!
08:07:12 <chaotic_good> how do haskellers view stuff like django? rails? aolserver? dancer? aidaweb? cl-weblochs?
08:07:20 <chaotic_good> amber smalltalk?
08:25:58 <srhb> chaotic_good: Type-unsafe? INferior? :-)
08:26:05 <chaotic_good> :)
08:26:08 <chaotic_good> yahahh!!
08:26:14 <chaotic_good> sooo
08:26:17 <chaotic_good> ok
08:26:20 <chaotic_good> ok cool
08:26:23 <chaotic_good> now
08:26:34 <chaotic_good> how easy is haskell to learn?
08:26:42 <srhb> Fairly easy. :) The resources out there are pretty good
08:26:43 <chaotic_good> I never learned c or was compsci major
08:26:47 <srhb> Especially  Learn you a Haskell
08:26:56 <srhb> Do you have programming experience at all?
08:26:58 <chaotic_good> what about haskell wikibook?
08:27:02 <chaotic_good> tcl bash
08:27:06 <chaotic_good> lil lisp n forth
08:27:09 <srhb> The Haskell Wikibook is great, imo, and is more about examples.
08:27:17 <srhb> So that might work for you.
08:27:34 <srhb> Also you could hang out in #haskell in case you have things you don't understand in whatever book you choose to follow.
08:28:21 <chaotic_good> ok
08:28:23 <chaotic_good> :)
08:28:32 <chaotic_good> I got ghci opened up
08:28:35 <chaotic_good> aw yeah
08:28:38 <chaotic_good> :)
08:37:06 <srhb> chaotic_good: Imo if you have a bit of programming experience. LYAH will give you more (at first) than the Wikibook
08:38:32 <chaotic_good> tiny tiny bit
08:38:36 <chaotic_good> 0 compsci courses
08:38:47 <chaotic_good> bit of procedural abstraction
08:38:53 <chaotic_good> bit of data driven and even tprogramming
08:39:03 <chaotic_good> hash v array
08:39:05 <chaotic_good> some list stuff
08:39:08 <chaotic_good> conditionals
08:39:28 <chaotic_good> not a fan of oo
08:41:25 <chaotic_good> ok learn you a haskell for great good?
08:58:05 <srhb> Should be fine, yeah.
08:59:50 <chaotic_good> I love how happs encompasses data storage in ram prevayler style
08:59:54 <chaotic_good> thats friggin epic
09:01:17 <srhb> Ah, acid-state? Yeah, it's very cool.
09:01:49 <Lemmih> It's super cool. (: