00:10:42 <ByronJohnson> "This syntax is used to indicate that the code inside is going to generate code. The $(..) will be replaced by the generated code, and then the module will be compiled. The use of $( ) is optional (since GHC 6.12 or so)." (http://happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/TemplateHaskell.html#template_haskell) — it's only optional in top-level declaration splices.
00:18:12 <donri> in deed. i think we only use them at the top-level except in happstack-plugins, although that text could be improved regardless
14:04:20 <rlpowell> So the ControlV example uses acid-state, of course, and I see how that works generally.
14:04:32 <rlpowell> What I can't find is any code that loads or saves the acid-state info to/from disk.
14:04:39 <rlpowell> Even in the template haskell.
14:10:50 <rlpowell> http://pastie.org/private/efm5fdxtakehlnuftwkjnw -- the splice
14:11:06 <rlpowell> I guess update and query just default to figuring shit out themselves?  Anyone know?
14:19:43 <Lemmih> Know what?
14:20:04 <Lemmih> AcidState has several backends.
14:20:15 <Lemmih> Data.Acid.Local stores the state on disk.
14:20:22 <Lemmih> Data.Acid.Memory stores the state in memory.
14:20:56 <Lemmih> Data.Acid.Remote can have the state on another machine.
15:22:00 <rlpowell> None of which are explicitely included in the ControlV examle.
15:22:44 <rlpowell> donri: You have the URL for the source for that thing handy?
15:23:00 <rlpowell> (talking about the code from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wmszk4wZxQ )
15:23:33 <donri> rlpowell: http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/happstack-foundation/examples/ControlV
15:24:00 <rlpowell> Thanks.
15:24:16 <rlpowell> donri: I was saying that I can't figure out how it gets the acid-state data to/from the disk.
15:24:40 <rlpowell> Because none of the save/load backend stuff is ever called that I can see, even in the template haskell (which I pasted at http://pastie.org/private/efm5fdxtakehlnuftwkjnw  )
15:25:13 <donri> rlpowell: i think the key is AcidLocal in main
15:25:24 <donri> which presumably wraps openLocalState
15:25:31 <donri> which in turn logs to $PWD/_state
15:26:18 <rlpowell> Aah, indeed, I think you must be right.  Thanks.
15:29:37 <rlpowell> Now can I find where that's defined?  :P
15:29:55 <donri> in Happstack.Foundation
15:30:43 <rlpowell> Huh.  I can't find haddock for that anywhere.
15:30:50 <rlpowell> In particular, not at http://www.happstack.com/docs/
15:31:03 <donri> if you do, cabal install --enable-documentation happstack-foundation, it will generate API docs for you locally somewhere in ~/.cabal (it tells you where)
15:31:09 <rlpowell> ACTION is trynig to integrate happstack-foundation into the ControlV example, betw, just for fun.
15:31:30 <donri> the package fails to build on hackage due to hsx and isn't yet on happstack.com
15:31:42 <rlpowell> Bah.  Local docs are a pain for me to use (I don't dev on my actual local machine), but OK.
15:31:56 <donri> aha
15:32:01 <rlpowell> Better than nothing.  :)
15:32:08 <rlpowell> And I can just poke around at the source in Cabal anyways.
15:32:26 <rlpowell> virtualenv *FTW*, by the way.
15:32:27 <donri> problem is i linked you that screencast before real announcement ;) stepcut haven't finished everything yet
15:32:32 <rlpowell> *SO* much better than cabal-dev
15:32:35 <rlpowell> donri: Yeah, I know.
15:32:41 <donri> bbl
15:50:44 <donri> rlpowell: do you mean virt*h*ualenv?
15:50:51 <donri> (worst name ever)
16:17:53 <mightybyte> HAppS was just as bad. :)
16:24:47 <donri> clckwrks ;)
16:25:19 <donri> only good thing about that name is it admits the slogan "taking OO out of web dev"
16:32:32 <donri> bbl
17:42:28 <rlpowell> 30-08:53 <       donri> rlpowell: do you mean virt*h*ualenv? -- Erm, yes.
17:42:47 <rlpowell> *lol* at the clckwrks thing.
17:43:52 <alpounet> lol?
17:43:56 <alpounet> uh
17:54:34 <rlpowell> From earlier;  30-09:27 <       donri> only good thing about that name is it admits the slogan "taking OO out of web dev"-- that.
18:33:48 <alpounet> oh, yeah heh
20:03:04 <Igloo> Given I have an 'AcidState a', is there a generic way to get an 'a' (or an 'IO a')?
20:09:46 <Lemmih> Igloo: No.
20:18:08 <Igloo> Bah. OK, ta
21:34:19 <lpsmith> stepcut:  out of curiousity, did you write the user account management stuff in Hackage 2?
21:57:23 <mightybyte> He's gone until next week
22:06:35 <donri> Igloo: well, you can write a Query that just wraps "ask"
22:07:25 <donri> it's usually not what you want, but does get you the full state from acid
22:08:49 <Igloo> I wanted something generic so that I could dump all of the Hackage2 states easily
22:09:17 <Igloo> But I've solved my immediate problem now anyway