18:02:24 <tazjin> donri: What font is this: https://raw.github.com/dag/vim2hs/master/screenshots/bindings.png ?
18:02:44 <donri> tazjin: monofur
18:02:50 <tazjin> tack
18:02:55 <donri> i should make new screenshots, people think those are ugleh
18:03:35 <tazjin> Hmm, not sure about that
18:03:55 <tazjin> I just like to experiment with fonts a lot (using Lekton right now) so I'm always on the hunt ;-)
18:04:08 <donri> me too
18:04:17 <donri> currently using inconsolata, which i used to hate but now don't
18:05:42 <tazjin> Okay, I don't like Monofur on my MacBook - sticking with Lekton
18:05:53 <tazjin> Hmm, Inconsolata, it's very readable but I don't like its looks
18:06:27 <donri> i find most fonts don't work well with the unicode conceals in vim2hs in gvim
18:06:41 <donri> well most fonts work with the defaults in vim2hs but i like to enable some extra conceals
18:06:45 <donri> like → for ->
18:07:22 <donri> otherwise ubuntu mono is a favorite
18:07:23 <tazjin> I always disable Unicode symbols, don't understand their appeal
18:07:54 <donri> Envy Core R is another one i used to like a lot
18:08:40 <donri> i suspect the fonts i've liked in the past look shit on mac though, because much of why i liked them was for how they render with full hinting
18:10:22 <tazjin> Panic Sans is pretty cool
18:10:46 <tazjin> it comes with a proprietary web editor for Mac, I doubt there's a free download for it
18:11:22 <donri> "Panic Sans, which is actually just a version of Deja Vu Sans Mono"
18:11:54 <tazjin> Ah, great
18:14:27 <donri> unicode arrows and such are more fun than useful, but i do think dot for composition is ugly
18:15:25 <donri> ∘ is pretty :)
20:18:06 <LambdaDusk> happstack & websockets, status?