12:20:18 <LambdaDusk> anyone around to help an idiot like myself how this happstack-hsx integration can be get to work?
13:40:32 <LambdaDusk> is it even possible?
14:19:11 <rlpowell> LambdaDusk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wmszk4wZxQ is entirely HSP based; will that do it for you?
14:20:43 <LambdaDusk> I will look at it as soon as I can
14:50:38 <LambdaDusk> I think my case is a bit more special... I'm using some monad derived from ServerPartT, and I think I better paste it or something
15:21:20 <LambdaDusk> rlpowell: Is there some source for this? It's kinda hard looking up moving back and forth in a video
15:22:35 <rlpowell> There's source for the resulting demo, yes; sec.
15:23:11 <rlpowell> http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/happstack-foundation/examples/ControlV
15:25:50 <LambdaDusk> rlpowell: That happstack-foundation thingie looks very interesting, is there some documentation available?
15:28:17 <rlpowell> As far as I know, just that video.
15:28:20 <rlpowell> And the source, of course.
15:28:40 <LambdaDusk> it seems to be the puzzle piece of the sky that I needed
15:28:59 <LambdaDusk> the hackage-docs are not generated because of some build failure
15:29:30 <rlpowell> stepcut: I've read evertyhing I can find, but it's very much not-obvious to me how to tweak the HTML produced by reform.
15:29:50 <rlpowell> I want to change the class on a particular li so that one particular field can look different via CSS.
15:35:49 <rlpowell> I don't see any way to CSS-ify one form element but not others, basically.
15:50:54 <LambdaDusk> nth-child selector?
16:03:05 <LambdaDusk> this foundation thingie seems to miss sessions
16:50:07 <rlpowell> stepcut: I've just added deletions to my app, which is based on ControlV as a starting point; let me know if you want me to backport.
18:32:36 <stepkut> godaften!
18:33:12 <LambdaDusk> yay he's her
18:33:15 <LambdaDusk> +e
18:33:30 <LambdaDusk> or maybe that was correct, too
18:34:40 <stepkut> hehe
18:35:38 <LambdaDusk> Who has invented this happstack-foundation thing and then not told me about it?
18:35:58 <stepkut> me
18:36:08 <stepkut> because I haven't written the documentation yet
18:36:19 <LambdaDusk> where's the session in it?
18:36:28 <stepkut> though I am working on that this week because I have given a presentation on it an CUFP on friday
18:36:35 <LambdaDusk> ok
18:36:39 <stepkut> there is no session stuff at the moment
18:36:42 <LambdaDusk> hrm
18:36:48 <stepkut> you can use happstack-clientsession..
18:36:48 <LambdaDusk> where's the Remote acid?
18:37:05 <stepkut> we do not have a general purpose server-side session library yet
18:37:49 <LambdaDusk> I will use clientsession, question is only how to wire it in
18:37:55 <LambdaDusk> but yeah makes sense
18:38:08 <stepkut> hmm, good question
18:39:05 <stepkut> there are a few key improvements in the works and on the todo list
18:39:17 <stepkut> 1. support for multiple acid-states (an experimental patch exists)
18:39:44 <stepkut> 2. optional integration with happstack-authenticate (proof of concept code exists)
18:39:48 <stepkut> 3. support for sessions
18:40:02 <stepkut> for sessions, I think serverside might be better?
18:40:52 <LambdaDusk> debatable
18:41:11 <LambdaDusk> I like the clientsession approach, the only problem with it is the security
18:41:25 <stepkut> personally..  I don't use sessions, so I am not really clear what people are expecting out of a session library
18:41:29 <LambdaDusk> but you can combine it, by using a random key bound to the IP
18:42:09 <LambdaDusk> basically that you have to do as little setup as possible, and can use "getSession", "putSession" and "expireSession" anywhere
18:43:36 <stepkut> ACTION should find some food before the only option left is McDonalds
18:44:32 <LambdaDusk> that is not an option
18:44:37 <LambdaDusk> that is last resort
18:49:31 <LambdaDusk> also about what is necessary for a websocket lib: All you need is a way to open the pipes you use for request and response in the API, so one can use them directly instead of the normal HTTP handler, and a way to keep the connection from being closed after response
18:51:12 <stepkut> k
18:58:31 <rlpowell> stepkut: I asked stepcut some questions about reform manipulation; should I re-ask or just wait?  I'm in no hurry.
19:22:42 <LambdaDusk> guess it's waiting