12:00:32 <stepkut> ?time donri
12:00:37 <stepkut> @time donri
12:00:46 <stepkut> ACTION forgets how this works
12:00:47 <donri> lambdabot is netsplat
12:00:51 <stepkut> ah
12:00:59 <stepkut> @donri local-time
12:01:01 <donri> 14:03 :)
12:01:07 <adnam> it works!!
12:01:08 <stepkut> same here !
12:01:17 <donri> you in copenhagen eh!
12:01:23 <stepkut> @stepcut local-time
12:01:25 <stepkut> 14:03
12:01:29 <stepkut> yup
12:01:40 <stepkut> means are schedules are probably really out of sync now :p
12:01:42 <donri> >stepkut< CTCP TIME
12:01:42 <donri> -stepkut- TIME Thu Sep 13 14:04:06 2012
12:02:42 <donri> wish i could've gone to icfp, but so expensive!
12:02:46 <stepkut> yeah
12:03:09 <stepkut> i had to pay a lot of money to come give a happstack workshop :p
12:03:48 <donri> don't you get entrance paid if you give a talk or workshop
12:03:54 <stepkut> two free days
12:03:59 <donri> ah
12:07:56 <stepkut> so, I think maybe I understand snaplets
12:08:34 <stepkut> i think the idea is that a lot of times when we add things like ClientSessionT -- we are really just trying to add another StateT to the stack
12:08:55 <stepkut> (in the case of ClientSessionT it is a ReaderT, but that can be emulated by StateT)
12:09:31 <donri> http://www.milwaukeepolicenews.com
12:09:34 <stepkut> so.. rather than add another newtyped StateT for every plugin, we just have a single StateT and a mechanism to allow all the plugins to share that single StateT
12:09:51 <donri> well there's a StateT in clientsession too
12:09:54 <stepkut> ooo. FRP and wormholes presenation. bbiab.
12:09:57 <stepkut> right
12:47:44 <donri> Lemmih_: sent a patch bundle to your gmail, hope it worked; please review ^_^