00:02:20 <stepcut> http://belladotka.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Nothing-in-the-box.jpg
00:02:22 <stepcut> \o/
00:03:13 <donri> (# Nothing #) -- there i unboxed it for you
00:05:25 <stepcut> :)
00:47:56 <stepcut> donri: oh, I also started converting the crash course to using pandoc+shake instead of the insanity it does now
00:48:11 <donri> cool
00:48:14 <donri> shake any good?\
00:49:32 <stepcut> hard to say
00:50:16 <stepcut> the system' call is good if you just need to call one external app.. but when you need to pipe something into something else.. not really sure what you are supposed to do
00:50:38 <stepcut> aside from that, i like it better than make so far
00:52:12 <stepcut> the new codebase as a whole will be 10x easier to deal with, and have more features
01:09:03 <donri> bedtime
14:13:42 <donri> stepcut: half-want simple variable interpolation in hsp, if only to make the examples a bit nicer: <li>$name is $age years old.</li>... not sure if useful in practice :D
17:41:42 <stepcut> donri: what happens if you write $10 ?
17:42:07 <donri> stepcut: $$10 then i suppose?
17:42:26 <stepcut> >:(
17:42:34 <donri> %age might be an option more in line with <%
17:52:39 <donri> i was going to say that i rarely write string literals in hsp anyway, usually you have i18n and whatnot. but that gave me an idea
17:52:55 <donri> hsp-based type-safe i18n
17:53:49 <stepcut> how is that different from what we already have?
17:54:06 <stepcut> http://www.happstack.com/docs/crashcourse/Templates.html#hsp-i18n
17:54:52 <donri> instead of that shakespeare thing, you have, msg English (AddToCart item) = <%>Add <em><% item %></em> to cart.</%>
17:55:09 <donri> the difference is we can have "em" in there etc
17:55:47 <donri> though, might be a bad idea when you later want that em to be something else ..
17:56:34 <donri> python's genshi had a nice solution for that
17:56:58 <donri> but it's based on gettext which itself is not a nice solution to i18n
17:58:07 <stepcut> ah, right. we can't put markup in the translations
17:58:41 <stepcut> I blame that on snoyman
17:58:46 <donri> :)
18:01:36 <donri> as i said though decoupling translations from markup while still providing some way to markup translations is a bit tricky
18:02:33 <donri> http://genshi.edgewall.org/wiki/Documentation/i18n.html#messages
18:04:27 <donri> not sure how to do something similar to that without also doing it gettext-style
18:05:29 <donri> fun anecdote: dad's android phone says it has X megabytes of "cost-free" memory
18:05:41 <donri> (in swedish)
18:05:57 <luite> gratis geheugen!
18:08:04 <donri> and when it's waiting for some task to complete it says "functioning correctly..."
18:08:13 <donri> ("working")
21:44:09 <donri> stepcut: planning on moving your other stuff too?
23:10:34 <stepcut> donri: as time passes
23:26:45 <donri> stepcut: what made you move?
23:29:36 <alpounet> issue tracker, i guess?
23:40:24 <stepcut> well, I think patch-tag is pretty much dead, and there are some annoying bugs
23:40:55 <stepcut> so hub.darcs.net is the most actively developed darcs hub
23:40:57 <alpounet> the "fix permission problems" thing made me laugh the first time
23:41:08 <alpounet> like "we know we have that bug, we can't really fix it, just click that link"
23:41:18 <stepcut> and, hub.darcs.net works best if lots of people use it
23:41:34 <alpounet> i can officially say i have contributed to hub.darcs.net
23:41:41 <alpounet> made the line numbers clickable, yay
23:41:56 <stepcut> personally, I find the darcsden theme hard to read/navigate
23:42:02 <stepcut> stuff is too bad and spaced out or something
23:42:32 <stepcut> but it's still not the eyesore that github is :p
23:42:45 <alpounet> i don't care much
23:42:53 <alpounet> about the presentation
23:42:56 <donri> better than patch-tag anyway methinks
23:42:56 <alpounet> it's been pretty intuitive so far for me
23:43:04 <stepcut> yeah
23:43:06 <alpounet> stuffs just worked
23:43:09 <alpounet> so far so good!
23:43:20 <stepcut> i think it has a fork/pull-request system, which is critical for the github junkies
23:43:27 <alpounet> it has fork
23:43:30 <donri> personally i'm discovering that the darcs cli is nice enough that sites like these are almost not needed
23:43:34 <stepcut> next step is that it should use the github API to suck in their info
23:43:36 <alpounet> i haven't found the pull-request thing yet
23:43:41 <alpounet> by the way stepcut
23:43:48 <alpounet> http://hub.darcs.net:8901/sopvop/scoutess/patch/20120921202341-3766e
23:43:54 <alpounet> our first contributor :p
23:44:00 <stepcut> \o/
23:44:14 <alpounet> that should close one issue
23:44:26 <alpounet> ... over 8. for now.
23:44:31 <stepcut> :)
23:44:39 <alpounet> i should add another one, which is pretty important
23:44:43 <stepcut> k
23:44:46 <alpounet> "scoutess doesn't work as-is, for me"
23:44:56 <stepcut> heh
23:45:23 <alpounet> grah, it's going to be painful to debug all these stuffs
23:45:31 <stepcut> >:(