18:55:31 <sm> hi all
18:56:45 <sm> do you know how to pass a sequence of html elements (eg two table rows) as a single HSP expression ? I saw <%>...</%> in docs but it doesn't seem to work here (hsp 0.7.1)
18:57:12 <rlpowell> That is the way, yes.
18:57:17 <rlpowell> What sort of trouble are you having?
18:57:26 <rlpowell> The type class stuff is ... finicky.
19:00:04 <donri> sm: yea that, or <% [ ... ] %>
19:00:25 <donri> show us code and error
19:02:19 <sm> thanks
19:08:41 <sm> will do when I get a chance
19:27:01 <sm> function http://hub.darcs.net/simon/darcsden/browse/src/DarcsDen/Pages/Repository.hs#632 generates a row for the change list http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/happstack/changes . Instead of putting the patch note inside the first td, I wanted to try returning it as an additional full-width tr
19:28:09 <sm> I tried wrapping both trs in <%></%> and got a huge error like I always do, I can paste it if it really helps
19:28:29 <sm> so let's see, how would the [ ] trick apply here..
19:32:47 <sm> it gave this error https://gist.github.com/3790061
19:33:07 <donri> hey hub is starting to look rather good
19:35:14 <sm> and the <%></%> way gave https://gist.github.com/3790087
19:35:14 <sm>  
19:36:46 <sm> donri: yay, thanks
19:37:19 <donri> sm: i meant <% [..., ...] %>
19:37:37 <sm> stepcut gave it a vote of confidence, have to look good!
19:38:10 <stepcut> hub.darcs.net needs some slightly font-size changes IMO
19:38:30 <stepcut> or something small but significant like that
19:39:21 <donri> usually if you get an overlap error from hsp it's because you need to give it a more specific type, but HSP XML is rather specific methinks?...
19:41:26 <donri> stepcut: in the crash course the title for overlapping instances links to the line numbers title
19:42:12 <stepcut> :-/
19:42:30 <stepcut> I am redoing the crashcouse to use pandoc :p
19:43:13 <donri> ah that should fix it
19:43:25 <donri> sm: ah there's a second error after the overlap which is more useful
19:43:53 <donri> sm: probably it would work with the type, HSP [XML]
19:45:06 <sm> donri: thanks
19:46:27 <donri> actually not sure that type does it...
19:47:34 <sm> it's not urgent.. I understand now that I had the right syntax but HSP's type wrangling can be shaky
19:47:42 <donri> HSP [ChildType HSP] ? never used hsp directly
19:47:47 <sm> and my own grasp of the types, of course
19:49:08 <donri> stepcut: also the hsp examples seems to be using the old type families that now have Type appended to them
19:49:59 <sm> I used HSP long ago and now back to it again.. it's really great in some ways
19:51:28 <donri> yea, errors are not an area it's great at :)
19:51:44 <donri> haskell-type-exts might help, and a port to the annotated AST in haskell-src-exts
19:54:02 <donri> sm: ok from source i'm now somewhat confident it should work with <%> and this type: HSP [ChildType HSP]
19:56:29 <donri> and yea hub fonts are a bit on the big side. too big is better than too small, but could still be a tad smaller.
19:57:59 <sm> thanks.. yes you're both probably right. I'm trying to live with default body font size as long as possible. IMHO the most inviting and attractive sites generally do that
19:58:41 <sm> hopefully browsers can remember personal preferred size for the moment
20:01:03 <donri> hm are you sure setting 16px in body means default font size
20:02:54 <sm> pretty sure
20:03:42 <donri> i think that only works if 16px is in deed the browser default, which is configurable
20:03:55 <donri> 100% should equal the browser default
20:04:07 <sm> 16px is the default browsers ship with I believe
20:04:21 <sm> I haven't read it yet, but http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/10/07/16-pixels-body-copy-anything-less-costly-mistake/ talks about this
20:05:20 <sm> obviously it's subjective, we are all conditioned to certain sizes by the sites we regularly view, screen size, browser settings, age, etc.
20:06:02 <stepcut> I am ok with the body size.. but things like h1 are a bit big in my opinion. h1 is 36px. 30 or 32px seems a little more balanced
20:06:22 <stepcut> if I do Ctrl+- to make everything smaller, then the body font gets too small
20:06:57 <sm> stepcut: that's pretty much where I'm at too. I haven't tweaked the default bootstrap heading sizes yet
20:07:03 <stepcut> yeah
20:07:13 <donri> sm: which is why setting body 100% is good. it resets it to the configured, user-preferred default, from the smaller sizes set by boostrap.
20:08:10 <sm> I have battled with font sizes enough recently to know I absolutely want to use a robust css framework with proven defaults (bootstrap) and tweak things as little as I can get away with
20:12:18 <stepcut> :)
20:16:43 <sm> donri: I see my font-size:16px bootstrap overrides at the start of main.css, are you saying I should use 100% there instead ?
20:16:53 <donri> yea
20:17:08 <donri> percentage on body is relative to user settings
20:17:52 <sm> and that will better respect user's settings, if they have tweaked them. Ok since nothing has caught fire yet I'll do that. Thanks!
20:20:10 <donri> AFAIK yes
20:20:31 <donri> i don't fully understand pixel sizes in browsers though since they started treating them as not pixels
20:20:46 <sm> yeah, they're scalable now
20:20:57 <donri> which is batshit :)
20:22:04 <luite> i'm happy if pixels are not relevant anymore
20:22:14 <luite> give me more higher res screens :)
20:22:26 <luite> 2880x1800 at 15" is just the start!
20:44:58 <sm> ACTION shrinks most of hub's headings, but not yet the main one
21:13:07 <stepcut> \o/