03:12:33 <stepcut> Lemmih: epic!
08:36:54 <alpounet> stepcut, uh, using fay? :)
08:52:42 <Lemmih> stepcut: Hm, it's not perfect.
08:52:51 <Lemmih> stepcut: I will make it better.
16:44:26 <stepcut> Lemmih: sweet :)
16:44:35 <stepcut> alpounet: yup!
16:52:37 <donri> i wonder if it would make sense to use the cloud haskell networking packages for acid-state replication/partitioning
17:01:12 <Lemmih> There's no free lunch.
17:03:36 <donri> heh, no, but if the concepts line up it might buy us things like zero configuration? start a replication server instance on a local network and automatically get extra redundancy? just a random thought ^_^
17:17:36 <Lemmih> Finding nodes isn't the hard part. Like, finding red paint isn't the hard part of getting a red Ferarri.
17:27:21 <donri> not about how hard it is, but code reuse can mean less work total and getting already-tested code. assuming the concepts line up.
18:15:32 <thetallguy> Lemmih: thanks for the stack traces.  I look forward to using them.
18:46:38 <donri> looking forward to messing up the types!
19:12:38 <etarasov> hi
19:12:49 <donri> ohai
19:13:25 <etarasov> is there rendered haddock api documentation for HSP ?
19:14:23 <donri> sure! http://www.happstack.com/docs/
19:14:50 <donri> http://www.happstack.com/docs/hsp-0.7.1/doc/html/hsp/index.html specifically
19:15:15 <etarasov> donri: thank you!
19:15:40 <donri> :)
19:15:49 <stepkut> though, in practice, we don't use most of the stuff in the HSP package, which is why we are trying to refactor those packages
19:15:50 <donri> stepcut: would be nice to have a global haddock index on that ther thing
19:16:11 <stepkut> donri: sure, add it to scoutess :)
19:20:46 <etarasov> what is scoutess? google translate doesn't know the word
19:22:20 <sm> google does tho
19:22:29 <stepkut> scoutess is a project which aims to automate many of the tedious tasks which you have to keep on top of as a project maintainer such as rebuilding haddock documentation and uploading it to the site, bumping build dependencies when new packages are uploading, checking that your build dependency lower-bounds are still correct, etc
19:23:26 <stepkut> at some point in time, when a new package is upload to hackage, scoutess will automatically detect that and update the documention on happstack.com
19:23:51 <etarasov> cool
19:24:10 <stepkut> additionally, it can watch darcs/git/etc repos and generate pre-release docs from those sources when changes are committed
19:24:17 <stepkut> check if a recent commit broke the build, etc
19:33:50 <alpounet> it will be able to*
22:47:49 <etarasov> hlint obviously fails on embedded hsx code
22:51:33 <donri> etarasov: hlint -XXmlSyntax
22:52:00 <adnam> does that allow you to write haskell in xml??
22:52:17 <donri> other way around ;)
22:52:22 <adnam> :((
22:52:36 <adnam> xml is the future my friend
22:53:19 <etarasov> so the future is dark
22:53:23 <donri> i bet there's some package capable of generating xml from Data instances, that you can then throw haskell-src-exts ASTs at
22:53:52 <etarasov> donri: thanks! it works!
22:54:03 <donri> \o/
22:54:13 <adnam> perhaps a thunk could be an element
23:35:04 <stepkut> donri: happstack-data had some facilities for generating XML from Data instances.. but it did not integrate with HSX