07:54:20 <donri> http://prog21.dadgum.com/29.html reminds me of acid-state ;)
07:59:18 <donri> stepcut: http://src.seereason.com/web-routes/_darcs/format continues to make me sad!
08:00:27 <stepkut`> >:(
08:00:37 <stepkut`> I should move that to hub.darcs.net or something :)
08:00:41 <donri> you should!
08:00:46 <stepkut`> I should also go to bed
08:00:58 <donri> i want to experiment with using Generic for PathInfo
08:01:32 <stepkut`> ok
08:01:37 <stepkut`> tomorrow if I remember
08:01:55 <stepkut`> where tomorrow == after I go to bed and wake up
08:02:01 <donri> aye :)
08:02:23 <donri> i might just do it myself. can you pull patches between separately converted repos?
08:05:01 <stepkut`> uh.. i doubt it ?
08:05:06 <stepkut`> maybe ?
08:05:53 <donri> :)
08:06:09 <donri> worst comes to worst we could do it manually with darcs diff and patch :p
08:07:28 <stepkut> or.. I could just pull your repo :p
08:07:40 <stepkut> I don't have any uncommitted patches, so..
08:07:52 <donri> true
08:20:53 <donri> stepkut: http://hub.darcs.net/dag/web-routes/patch/20121011082223-6eb02
08:25:13 <donri> probably best if you don't use "fork" on the hub; that way i can fork from you after deleting this repo, so the relationships are correct and the 'branches' page work right
15:42:20 <Guest74666> donri: that should just work eh
15:45:22 <donri> sm: hm?
15:50:42 <donri> sm: hey i wish xchat had commuting nicks so i could say, using tab-completion, "Guest74666: hm?" and it translated it to "sm: hm?" :D
15:54:52 <sm> donri: sorry :)
15:55:15 <sm> I mean that deleting a parent repo then re-forking the child works
15:55:26 <donri> oic
15:55:46 <donri> i guess if you delete a parent the fork relationship is deleted with it?
15:55:58 <sm> yes
15:56:06 <donri> good :)
15:56:41 <sm> though I have to admit I didn't check for total cleanup of the db such that re-creating the parent with same name wouldn't reactivate the relationship. :)
15:57:33 <donri> perhaps we can manage to make both repos show as forks of each other
15:59:03 <donri> perhaps in any case, the branches page DTRT? e.g. even if stepcut's repo ends up a fork of mine, his branches page will list patches i have he doesn't
15:59:29 <sm> yes, current branches page just shows all parents/children as "related repos", it doesn't care
15:59:36 <donri> (still, it would be odd if it said fork of dag, when stepcut is the author and maintainer!)
16:01:01 <donri> it looks like stepcut doesn't always get linked to his user from patches, sometimes just says Jeremy Shaw without any link. how do you configure that on hub?
16:01:15 <donri> on github you can configure multiple emails per user
16:01:23 <sm> hmm, not yet so on darcs hub
16:01:31 <sm> it goes by the one email address I think
16:01:35 <donri> and i guess it is completely ignorant of authorspellings too?
16:01:42 <sm> yes I think so
16:04:40 <sm> yes: http://hub.darcs.net/simon/darcsden/browse/src/DarcsDen/Handler/Repository/Changes.hs#138
16:06:40 <donri> i'll issue it
16:08:25 <donri> http://hub.darcs.net/simon/darcsden/issue/31
16:09:25 <sm> thanks, add a wish tag if you wouldn't mind, helps keep the actual bugs visible
16:17:15 <donri> sm: ok i did but it didn't take?
16:26:09 <donri> ok you have to "comment"
16:27:20 <donri> http://hub.darcs.net/simon/darcsden/issue/32 ;)
17:01:41 <sm> thx!
18:04:27 <Palmik> Hi guys. I have finally added update and lookup to data-store, here you can see it in action https://github.com/Palmik/data-store/blob/master/tests/Test/Data/Store01.hs#L79 (example: lookup (sPersonName .== "John") db).