06:56:03 <astropirate> Hello friends
15:41:13 <donri> stepcut: so anyway, i converted web-routes, changed the source-repos in cabals and added a small test-suite to web-routes-th
15:42:21 <donri> been toying with using Generic/DefaultSignatures for PathInfo but stuck at fromPathSegments, can't figure out how to construct a value from a name of a constructor
19:24:19 <stepcut> donri: nice
19:24:51 <stepcut> so I should get your repo, and then push it to my account on darcs hub?
20:03:16 <donri> stepcut: yep! obliterating any added patches you don't like, which i hope is none ;)
20:03:29 <stepcut> :)
20:03:31 <donri> http://hub.darcs.net/dag/web-routes
20:03:47 <stepcut> test suite?? fuck that..
20:04:12 <donri> :D
20:04:26 <stepcut> let me fire up my laptop
20:08:16 <donri> hm why are web-route packages in category Language?
20:31:44 <stepkut> success? http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/web-routes/changes
20:32:06 <donri> \o/
20:33:17 <donri> i forked you now so if i push patches they show up here http://hub.darcs.net/stepcut/web-routes/patches
20:33:54 <stepkut> sweet
20:34:18 <stepkut> motherforker!
20:38:38 <stepkut> I tweeted it, https://twitter.com/happstack
20:38:40 <stepkut> :)
20:39:59 <donri> yay!
20:40:34 <stepkut> looks like I need to bump some upperbounds
20:40:48 <stepkut> to allow bytestring 0.10 and network 2.4
20:40:58 <stepkut> happstack need some updates too
20:41:00 <stepkut> unfun!
20:41:08 <stepkut> scoutess should do that for me :)
20:42:07 <stepkut> woot! The 1 test case passed!
20:43:24 <stepkut> not sure what that test is though
20:44:14 <stepkut> there are three things in there that look like test cases :-/
20:45:39 <donri> what, the tests i added?
20:45:48 <stepkut> yeah
20:45:59 <donri> cabal will report it as one test, because it runs one test executable
20:46:51 <donri> you can do something like, cabal test --show-detail=always
20:47:15 <donri> details
20:47:34 <stepkut> ah, better
20:47:46 <stepkut> 1 of 1 test suites (1 of 1 test cases) passed.
20:47:55 <stepkut> that seems a bit wrong, but .. whatever
20:48:08 <donri> yea, probably an artifact of the unfinished 'detailed' test-interface
20:48:09 <stepkut> I guess that is the problem with exitcode-stdio
20:48:23 <stepkut> right